Chicago just made it easier for illegals to vote

American Mirror: City-issued card is ‘legal form of ID’ for illegals to vote.

A new CityKey ID available to all Chicago residents – regardless of immigration status, criminal record, housing situation or gender identity – will be considered as a valid form of identification to register to vote, according to the State Board of Elections.

“I believe, from what I’ve read, the Chicago municipal ID would live up to the qualifications under state statute for what a government-issued ID is,” Matt Dietrich, spokesman for the election board, told WQAD. “So that would be a legal form of ID for the board of elections to accept.”

The new CityKey ID is designed to provide legal identification for illegal immigrants, as well as the homeless and folks recently released from prison. Dietrich acknowledged there is no state law that requires proof of citizenship to vote. Residents are simply required to check a box, though Dietrich contends there’s no reason to believe anyone would lie to vote illegally.  MORE

SNIP: There’s no reason to believe anyone would lie to vote illegally??? AYFKM????

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  1. There is so much going on right now that it’s hard to parse out just what needs to be focused on. This is it.

    Voter integrity is THE most important issue at this moment. President Trump, the administration and congress must do something and NOW.

    All the politicians involved in this (voter fraud) and all sanctuary cities/states must be dealt with now.

    If this continues, then the Constitution becomes toilet paper.

  2. There is no one more pissed about illegals voting in US elections than I am. I am not, however, convinced this is the magic ticket to the ballot box right wingers are contending; it is just a gov’t issued ID — not a voter registration card. …Lady in Red

  3. I certainly *do* agree with you, Claudia! For the first time, in decades, a big spotlight is on fraud. There are many here in Virginia being expunged from the rolls. Pennsylvania has just discovered 100K illegals registered.

    But, we must look where the roaches are, not wander at random.
    …..Lady in Red

  4. I’d say okay, pass your law for the ID and I will pass mine. If so much as one illegal is caught voting, the people who passed the law go to jail for aiding and abetting voter fraud. No where is it written or implied in the Constitution that illegals have the right to vote in our elections.

    That last part is for the Regressive dummy that tries to say that anybody who does not pass laws to restrict guns will then be held accountable as an accessory to murder for all gun deaths in the country. Illegal voting is a crime, owning a firearm is a 2nd Amendement right.

  5. Seems to be the theme across the country. The Dems admitting they can’t win an election unless they cheat. Disbanding the Voter Fraud Commission was very disappointing.

  6. Illinois is the poster child for systemic state corruption.
    Illinois hasn’t had vote integrity for over 6+ decades.

    The State Board of Elections and the Federal Elections Committees are paper tigers with no teeth.

  7. Did Chicago start pretending to count votes again? See, people, this is what happens when you DON’T pass thrones down through the family. Nobody respects tradition.

  8. Just adding more stink to the
    socialist crapper. Chicago is
    lost to the commie orcs.
    Making it “loster” won’t
    much matter.

  9. Sniff, sniff, you guys are picking on my state where I am represented by the best. If you don’t stop immediately I’m gonna have to tell and you be punished. You’ll see, they know what’s best for me.

    By the by, do any of you know where one might purchase large diameter PVC piping suitable for burying items? Our legislature is hard at work and I’m asking for a friend.

  10. OK, hold on a minute. You really think Democrats are so pissed off about 2016 that they would stoop to voter fraud? Say it ain’t so…

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