Chicago Police Chief – “Not Really Sure If Kidnap and Torture of White Guy While Yelling F**k White People is Racially Motivated” – IOTW Report

Chicago Police Chief – “Not Really Sure If Kidnap and Torture of White Guy While Yelling F**k White People is Racially Motivated”

27 Comments on Chicago Police Chief – “Not Really Sure If Kidnap and Torture of White Guy While Yelling F**k White People is Racially Motivated”

  1. If you begin the investigation from the perspective that blacks can NEVER be racist, then you already know they can’t participate in hate crimes, which are reserved for whites only.

  2. every video of this poor man being tied up and tortured and kidnapped should be taken off the internet and saved for the trials. Defense attorney will argue polluted jury pool.

  3. I hope someone kidnaps and tortures this pinhead Chief. Maybe some Muzzies. Lets see what his thoughts are then.

  4. This seems to satisfy the letter of the hate crimes law and this idiot police chief (who’s a laughing stock among the rank and file) waffling around the issue is just a disgrace. Rahm is going to have to step in on this because after a record smashing year of murders (black on black mostly) and a threat from Trump that the feds will step in he can’t afford not to look both strong and even handed. He’ll tell the chief or the DA that this is a hate crime in order to placate the white democrat liberals that opened their checkbooks to him. Even they are starting to get scared of the monster they’ve unleashed.

  5. I heard the 9:00 a.m. news radio spot on a CBS affiliate this morning. Based on how it was reported, you would have thought that this was an attack perpetrated by Trump supporters. This is by design, of course.

    “They called the man the N-word”
    “They made references to Donald Trump”

    There were no details offered that this was perpetrated by Blacks upon a White, who repeatedly called the White man a nigger, cut his clothing from his body and hair from his head – down to the scalp in some spots – and who made reference to Trump while doing so.

    By the way, it was 10 years ago tomorrow that Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were kidnapped by 5 Blacks, horribly tortured and murdered, in Tennessee. Gut wrenching, but most people never heard of this case. Again, this is by design.

  6. Of course you’re not sure if it was racially motivated, you’re black, and therefore one of the stupidest most racist people on the planet.

  7. Remember when Obama was elected and white people were kidnapping black people, torturing them and making them say “fuck Obama”? Neither do I. But if they had, Hollywood would have made a movie about it.

  8. Obviously you don’t have to be intelligent at all to be a police chief in Chicago, if this dim bulb is your example.

  9. All we have been hearing is “White cop” and “Unarmed Black Man,” over and over and over, when such details are actually not pertinent to the incident, only in the reporting of it to fashion a specific narrative and provoke a certain response. Let’s report this and other incidents similarly.

    “Four armed, Black teens kidnap and torture defenseless White man”

  10. When I see black people on tv these days, from the Judge____ shows to the news depicting all sorts of hypocrisy and bs, (including but not limited to a fraud President and 2 succesive Stepin Fetchit AGs, and black “attorneys” of 3rd grade reading level nationwide,
    …all I can picture is their ancestors on that other continent wearing the brightest color clothes and hats with big flowers and big feathers… meanwhile, in this late century, the roads are littered with corpses and the roads are paved with manure.

    All I want is and for them all to STFA from my life and loved ones.

  11. How long would it have taken him to figure out if it was a hate crime if 4 white people kidnapped and tortured a black guy?

  12. Let’s cut the Goddamned crap, the “Chicago Police Department is interviewing the suspects,” what is closer to the truth is that Rahm Emanuel’s Police Dept is coaching the suspects on what tho say to avoid “hate crime” charges being filed.

  13. Rahm needs to fire this jackass immediately! Either he’s a racist or he’s just too damn stupid hold the job. Either way, he needs top go!

  14. In related news, Police Chief tells reporters he’s not really sure if that’s his ass or a hole in the ground.

  15. I live in a community that is governed by festering left-wing pustules, like Chicago is, and as such have an opinion that is based on experience. I have nothing but contempt for any of the tokens who have been named as Police Chief in any such community. They are not there based on qualifications, they are there despite being unqualified as anything other than a pupet.

  16. no sympathy for Shitcago. They elected Criminals. Criminals appoint dimwits like this A-Hole. Residents get record crime. Until they rise up and go Trump on the folks they elect, no sympathy for that Shitcago.

  17. Wonder is Maxine Waters is going to divorce her man and marry this popo putz? If not, I am sure Shiela Jackson Lee will.

  18. Milwaukee police chief David Clarke was on Hannity the other night discussing Trump’s tweet to Emanuel about Chicago’s murder rate. In that interview, Clarke said that the problem is the Chicago police department is being run by Black Lives Matter and the ACLU. He didn’t say it was in concert with obama’s DoJ and Emanuel, but he should have. King globalist, Geo. Soros, is always a big angel funder for the left, so you know he’s not far from this, either.

    Among all the pay-to-play, shadow funding of radical domestic orgs like BLM, Occupy, LaRaza, the funny business going on between Lynch and Clinton and now the bogus and political use of the national security agencies in the Wikileaks/Russian “hacking” scam, you’d think Sessions’ DoJ could proceed with a brief investigation and some grand juries in order to pursue racketeering at the very least. Then when you see that the “Left” is openly planning to obstruct the president by any means necessary, aren’t we talking sedition when it includes violence, intimidation of witnesses, etc? This can’t go on unanswered.

    At the very least, please go to the site and under the tab “share your story” (I think that’s what it’s called) send a message to Trump/Pence to go after Geo. Soros. We’ve got to eliminate their funding sources. This is a war.

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