Chicago: Police warn of catalytic converter thefts in Old Town

CWB: Chicago police have issued a community alert to warn Old Town residents about a series of catalytic converter thefts. Detectives typically issue community alerts when they believe an individual or group is responsible for an ongoing crime pattern

Thieves cut the catalytic converters off at least three parked cars in the North Side neighborhood last week, according to police: in the 300 block of West North Avenue on the morning of May 16; in the 1700 block of North Mohawk on the afternoon of May 20; and in the 500 block of West Wisconsin on the evening of May 20. more

7 Comments on Chicago: Police warn of catalytic converter thefts in Old Town

  1. Thought I’d outsmart Obama sons, had bolts welded. Uh, riiiiiiiiight. Without setting off alarm they just sawed off exhaust pipes fore and aft, 20 feet from bedroom window, didn’t hear a thing. Fricking attach bolt purchases logged by Police, cat. converters, not so much!

  2. Ahh city living.

    On the north side no less. It was at the point when Obama’s sons started crossing I55 that I decided it was best to stop encouraging my ultra leftest sister and her creepy husband to head for safer ground.

    Let them enjoy a non stop run of Lois Lightfoots, hell they voted for it.

  3. There are 4 on some Cadillac Escalades.
    They can fetch 50 a piece at scrap yard
    if they are not worn out.24 volt dewalt
    saw-all with new Lennox lazer blades….

  4. Heard of a guy that went the junk yard and found his converter. He matched the saw cut to his exhaust pipe and had charges pressed against the thieves.


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