Chicago Teen Who Protested Police In Public School Found Friday With Bullet Through His Head

Described as a “freedom fighter,” 17-year-old Caleb Reed made it his life’s work to remove Chicago police from public schools (#CopsOutCPS). I say life’s work because poor Caleb’s campaign to the defunding of police came to a sudden and tragic. Here

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  1. He was an activist in the move to get cops out of the schools. And “we can honor his death by continuing his work.”

    Yeah, that should work out real well.

    I’m guessing drug deal gone bad.

  2. They call it a tragedy. It may be ironic, but it is no tragedy. Joe Stalin would have said: A thousand murders a year in Chicago is no tragedy, just a statistic.

    So his group is going to continue to push for no cops in Chicago schools. I think they all have their asses sewn on backwards.

  3. @ Tony R AUGUST 4, 2020 AT 2:06 PM

    Far more likely than not because their presence interfered in his malevolent conduct. They got in the way of him inflicting suffering on others who didn’t sign up for his shit.

  4. @ TimBuktu AUGUST 4, 2020 AT 2:13 PM

    Chances are good that, considered from a larger perspective, his departure is not an unmitigated tragedy. Yes his family will likely suffer, but if juxtaposed with the likelihood that he would have been directly responsible for inflicting more, perhaps much more, suffering, misery and death on innocent human beings… when one considers that on net. This may or may not on balance be a net tragedy.

  5. Your honor, the plaintiff would like to strike any testimony that suggests that he didn’t want the police. Obviously, if they had been there, this would never have happened.

    Based on Mayor Lighthead handcuffing the police in her own city, I think it would suitable for the Windy City to pay the remaining family members $30M each, plus my fee of $100M

  6. Aspiring valedictorian and rapper Caleb Reed made it his life’s work learning how to count to 2 without pulling on his dick was found Friday with a bullet through his head.
    His ‘rithmetic teacher Slappy Jones was interviewed and said the boy showed a “great promising future”. Slappy signed his 3rd grade year book with the advice of “you have great potential, just stop yanking that thing” during a interview from MCC Chicago.
    Only the good die young.

  7. BLM remains not interested in the loss of this black life, and stopping/reducing future similar events. BLM’s perspective – Black caused black death, OK, don’t care. Blue or white caused black death, protest/riot. BLM may only slightly regret the loss of an anti-police ally.

  8. Sort of reminds me of myself as a senior in high school, a brain full of mush out to revolutionize his peers. I finally came to my senses and and have since been out to revolutionize my peers in the opposite direction. RIP young man. You were somebody’s cherished son and got caught up in the manipulation of the times.

  9. Chicago Trib copy room: “Wasn’t killed by a cop, nothing to see here, next story.” “Unless, can we blame it on Trump? If so, re-write it and we’ll run it.”

  10. If Obama had a son… he’d look like Caleb Reed.

    Unfortunately for Obama, his sperm were swimming sideways, and quite possibly backwards.

  11. You shouldn’t always get what you want, cause you will get what you deserve.

  12. TRF August 4, 2020 at 2:09 pm

    The Police aren’t the problem.

    Looks like 1 of the problems got eliminated – permanently!

  13. This murder is as likely a gang killing than a random act of violence on a young black man. I hope the police can solve this case quickly, but seeing how overwhelmed they are with murder, I won’t hold my breathe.

  14. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but when I look at his picture it makes me think that probably isn’t true.

  15. He fought to have “the law” removed.

    His life ended due to lawlessness.

    No one in his family will understand the irony and BLM will not “say his name” in tonight’s protest.


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