Chicago’s surgery museum plans sex reassignment exhibit

CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago museum chronicling the history of surgery through medical artifacts, paintings and sculptures is planning to open an exhibit later this year on sex-reassignment procedures.

Curators at the International Museum of Surgical Science said the issue has become more prominent in social, cultural and political conversations and the museum hopes to contribute to the discussion in medical and surgical terms, according to the Chicago Sun-Times

Collin Pressler, the museum’s director of exhibitions, said he hopes to “demystify” the “relatively obscure” topic.

“The museum doesn’t shy away from real and accurate depictions of surgery,” he said. “That’s how you educate.”

He hopes the exhibit will open before the end of the year as museum officials work on fundraising and designing the display.  more

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  1. Nice picture of Mooch to go along with the headline. LOL!

    Why celebrate the twisted, psychotic, horrifying mutilation of the human body? How little long until a museum sanctions a child pornography exhibit?

  2. Thanks Bad Brad. I went back and watched Shapiro’s vid a second time because I wanted to get and validat the transgender suicide rate. For those of you who are curious, it is 41%. I am not sure if that is just suicide or includes attempted suicide. Which ever it is , it is indicative of a sickness. Rather than the psychiatric industry accepting it as a normal for that individuale, it should continue to try and cure it through medical and psyciatric intervention.

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