Chick-fil-A and Drag Queens

Chick-fil-A Grantee Covenant House Hosted Drag Queen Story Hour.

Breitbart – Fast-food chain Chick-fil-A continues to be mired in controversy after the discovery of its donations to the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and also Covenant House, an organization that celebrates LGBTQ pride and hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour in New York.

On November 18, the restaurant that had received the praise and support of Christians for what appeared to be its courage to stand up for the biblical foundations of marriage and sexuality, announced it was changing direction.


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7 years ago these drag queens were mocking Chick-fil-A. Now it seems like this could be a commercial for the franchise.

For the record. I went to Popeye’s yesterday and had their chicken sandwich. It’s better than Chick-fil-A.

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  1. The drag queen story hour’s special guest was Eric Swallpwell. The poor lad was so titillated by the production that he shook uncontrollably, sweated profusely and lost control of his bowels.


    *splatter*” -grool, vomiting

    Proving, once again, that vomiting can be a comedic act.

    -Jimmy, laughing

  3. Child abuse. But then, the left is the party of pervs, isn’t it.

    These transvestites are aiming for little kids’ zippers.

    Protect the kids!

  4. I predict the next move of the traitors at Chik fil A will be to open on Sundays. A complete betrayal of all Mr. Cathy stood for.

  5. As I’ve said before write a letter to Chic-Fil-a denouncing their change in direction and vowing never to buy there again and vowing to discourage friends, relatives or others from eating there. You may want to include in the email a snap of your hand wrapped around a KFC Big Crunch sandwich with a bite taken out. If everyone that appreciated what Chic-Fil-A seemed to stand for did this and their sales dropped 20% I suspect the guy they hired to run their charity would get fired and someone with more Christian values would take his place.
    Regarding Covenant house, they do a lot more for homeless and in danger young people then the above story would seem to indicate. Having said that I can’t quite understand why the hell they would hold a drag queen story hour. There are always some idiots in charge in every walk of life I guess.

  6. Because the SPLC wasn’t bad enough? LOLOL.
    Weeeell this whole thing doesn’t seem very Christianlike. Pushing mental illness on children and all.

    If their sammiches were tasty, I’d miss them.

    I don’t use fast food for my 3 squared, so when I do, it’s a treat.
    CFA is a mistreat.

  7. Poor slubs, they tried to buy off their evil tormentors and failed miserably! Now they are in bed with the devil and are dancing to his tune!

  8. Now everyone they donate to will have drag hour, or anti Christian protests sponsored by lgbt and splc or whatever, to really stick it to CFA. Because they now know they won’t say anything. If CFA’s sales drop, they’ll still be coming after that chicken money til they’re bled dry. That’s how libs work. They’re locusts.

  9. It’s not an advertisement, it’s a victory dance.
    Too bad CFA never had the commitment to their Creator they claimed to have; when it came down to filthy lucre, they got right down in the gutter like the rest.

  10. There’s a Dick-fil-Gay up North from where I live. I always wanted to stop by and check ’em out because I’ve never eaten at one.

    But now that they’ve moved into the Barcelona tranny market they can go to Hell. And take their twatwaffle fries with ’em!

    Now excuse me. Whenever I see a tranny from Barcelona I start to want to puke.

  11. CFA gets blamed as a culprit, but the media ignored power source and real money behind the drag queen degeneracy is Jewish. CFA corporates are duped fools!

    ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’: Jewish Groups Pushing Cross-Dressing Psychopaths on Children
    ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ isn’t just another ridiculous excess of our degenerate age. It is being funded and promoted by specific people and specific groups. And they have a lot of money.

    Kay Elle Lothbrook

    “. . . All public servants who work professionally with children, from nurses, to teachers, to coaches and bus drivers go through a rigorous screening process prior to interacting with children, including an FBI background check, fingerprinting, drug screenings and child abuse trainings.
    Drag Queen Story Time “performers” are not subject to any of this scrutiny before they are left alone with kids. ”

    “Average Americans look at images of drag queens reading to children in libraries and understand on a visceral level that it is wrong. What they do not understand is that this phenomenon is not “just stupid”, it is not just a fluke or a fad, it is not a genuine, if misguided attempt to teach tolerance. Drag Queen Story Hour is just another arrow in the quiver of the same wealthy, Jewish elites who are systematically flooding America with 3rd world refugees, censoring speech, chipping away at the Constitution, racially attacking white Americans in the media, and smashing the building block of Western civilization: the traditional family.”

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