Chief Justice Roberts hospitalized after fall last month, Supreme Court belatedly discloses

Roberts suffered lightheadedness and dehydration, fall was not related to earlier seizures, court says.

SNIP: Is there an armchair doctor in the house?

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  1. Wasn’t this around the time Epstein’s girlfriend got nabbed? Interesting timing if that’s the case. Still, he should be more careful, hydration is important.

  2. hydration is important… I’ve been hoping for him to spend more time in a swimming pool so that if he had a seizure someone would have a chance to throw in a box of soap and a load of laundry!

  3. Symptoms of post-concussion syndrome… Memory loss, cognitive problems, difficulties with decision-making, severe fatigue, irritability, to name just a few. These can last for years. Many people never heal.

  4. If you pee all the time like I do you know you’re hydrated. I drink lots of water just to stay hydrated and not get dizzy and disoriented from lack of water and avoid pop and coffee as much as possible because that only makes it worse. I call it OGS, old guy syndrome, of course the diuretics that I take make me pee all the time anyway. I’m not above peeing along side of my vehicle if I need to.

  5. Too bad he lived!

    DISCLOSURE I am conservative!
    156 years ago when the leftist President nominated this liberal for Chief I screamed 5×5 – Loud and clear – this is another GWB lie!
    Roberts has been the most liberal Chief in my life time. Maybe 100 years ago some one was more lib than John.

    Some hyper lib rulings:
    Romneycare 4 times!
    Cal Churches

    If god wants America to survive he will terminate this life long leftist!

  6. Ex-Jarhead…I’m guessing that’s why Roberts didn’t get the Thomas/Kavanaugh treatment…GWB was too afraid to nominate a real conservative.
    And hoodwinked us.
    I have grown to loathe the bush family.

  7. He is 65.
    Our lovely CDC states “Each year, millions of older people—those 65 and older—fall. In fact, more than one out of four older people falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor. Falling once doubles your chances of falling again.” Goes on to explain that there are many causes from disease to vitamin deficiency, dehydration to twisted rugs.
    They don’t mention God. After his many morally terrible decisions, I wouldn’t count HIM out.

  8. How many ways can the SCOTUS lose credibility with the populace?

    Are any of these ‘justices’ NOT fictitious representations,
    do any of them possess personal integrity,
    can any of them write a lucid, honest opinion that conforms to the US Constitution?
    What a shit show Justice has become…

  9. Is it too soon to hope he “gets the same treatment” done to him as they did to Antonin Scalia? Is there a pillow with his name on it at the “lodge” in West Texas? Asking for a friend.


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