Chief Justice Roberts Refers Kavanaugh To Outside Judges To Review For Ethics Violation

The left won’t let it go.

They will continue this chasing of Kavanaugh with flaming torches and pitchforks.


The complaints, related to comments Kavanaugh made during his contentious confirmation hearings last month, were originally filed with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, where Kavanaugh served as a federal judge before his confirmation on Saturday. Roberts made the request in a letter to Chief Judge Timothy Tymkovich of the 10th Circuit, which also covers Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.

An appointee of President George W. Bush, Tymkovich is also on the list of President Donald Trump’s possible Supreme Court picks that included Neil Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, who are both now confirmed justices.

Part of the reason for the transfer could be related to the fact that Merrick Garland, chief judge of the D.C Circuit, serves on a committee that handles such complaints. Garland was chosen by President Barack Obama to serve on the Supreme Court, but Senate Republicans blocked his nomination.

Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson, who also serves on the D.C Circuit, said in a statement Saturday that complaints had been filed against Kavanaugh.,She characterized them as related to comments he made during his confirmation hearings and not to conduct as a federal judge.

Under federal law, any person may file a complaint against any federal judge in the circuit on which he or she sits. Those complaints are then reviewed, and if they are found to have merit, a special committee investigates further.

Kavanaugh was sworn in Saturday shortly after his confirmation and began hearing Supreme Court cases on Tuesday.


37 Comments on Chief Justice Roberts Refers Kavanaugh To Outside Judges To Review For Ethics Violation

  1. WTF! Just WTF!! Is there anyone in the swamp, ANYWHERE, who doesn’t like being a sewage sucking invertebrate?? Roberts screwed us with oscumacare and now he seems to be jumping to the bushie one-world tune.

    I’m having a hard time waiting for November 7 to see if this Nation has a future worth having.

  2. Well played, Justice Roberts. You may redeem yourself yet.

    And leftist lawyos…this is not how lawfare works. You’re doing it all wrong.

  3. It’s not over, Thirdwin, all Trump has to do is give him one of those civilian Freedom awards or whatever, nominate him for a Nobel, and name an aircraft carrier after him.

  4. Seriously. It’s all there in the headline at the link:

    “Chief justice refers Kavanaugh ethics complaints to judges OUTSIDE WASHINGTON”

    Waaaaay outside.

    Roberts had to deal with it. Tell me a better way.

  5. We need to start doing to them what they do to us. File thousands of complaints against liberal judges across the land. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  6. Feinstein. May her lips shrivel up and be sucked up her nostrils.
    And I hope she accidentally touches RBG’s bare hand.
    (Seriously, what’s with the gloves she’s always wearing? Were they OJ’s?)

  7. Judicial temperment, or lack thereof, can be a judicial ethics violation if the judge is out of bounds while on the bench. I don’t think Kavanaugh was anywhere close to out of bounds, but even assuming he was his statements and outbursts were made during a Senate hearing in which Kavanaugh was the accused and this is what is being “investigated.” But does anyone really think a lower court judge – even one sitting on a Federal appellate court – is going to vote to censure or reprimand a Supreme Court Justice?

  8. Actually if you read the entire article and not just the headline he actually did I think the best he could do and I’m not a Roberts fan. They filed it in the D.C. circuit and he’d get fairer treatment on a court without the dummy appointed by Obama and blocked by the Republicans.

    I think though two can play this game.

  9. My opinion (although I might be wrong) is that the left got to Roberts and is holding something over his head…or maybe against his family. Just like when he endorsed the OFUCKINGBAMACARE bullshit!

    I’m thinking it’s gettin’ close to time to spill a little “liberal blood”!

  10. Never kick a skunk. The stink of these false accusations is going to stick to the Mobocrats more than to Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Maybe the Creepy Porn Shyster will get involved. Once the truth finally comes out about the conspiracy to destroy Kavanaugh with phony accusations, all this will rebound to the benefit of those Senators who supported Kavanaugh.

  11. @Old Racist White Woman…

    Yes. And Kavanaugh is in like flint with those who rode the same train to the court. They will look out for their own. The beauty of this is Trump is giving these establishment types the shelter they would NEVER get from milquetoasts line Romney or Jeb. Strong horse, weak horse. Trump encourages courage. More than that, he REWARDS it. Which is what I think Aaron Burr was getting at.


    I used to fulminate against Roberts and wonder what dark secrets had compromised him, but now I know that he was cowed by the same smear machine that tried to chew up Kavanaugh. Now I feel I have no right to fault him for protecting himself and his family from what Kavanaugh endured, without having Trump in his corner. They win if we continue to vilify Justice Roberts. Things are becoming clearer in the Trump era, and it’s time to reassess some narratives with new information.

  13. After the stacked deck for decades, the pissing and moaning starts. What nothing more than unsubstantiated BS, just as the MSM is and proliferates. Mindless accuser’s questioning instead of facts’s saying worthless trash about, that that has not even been presented for review. If they would only speak in ‘reality’ instead of their bully fulcrum like whinny children not getting their way , WAHHHH! Waiting, check back after Mid-Terms, the real BS will hemorrhage.

  14. @joe6pak- “I still think someone has pictures and a video. …”

    maybe audio.
    Had just seen this recently, and it was a topic during the ACA fiasco. It does involve Sheriff Arpaio.
    I do think Roberts has done the best he can do with this, he can’t simply ignore it. The accuser should be named though. And the msm will use this to bury the hurricane coverage and scandals of democratic politicians. I thought Kavanaugh was very well composed in the hearing, given what and how he was charged. I would have done worse.

  15. If you remember when Robert’s ruled on Obamacare, he ruled it a tax. That should have unlocked a door to work on nullifying it. Our feckless republican leaders did nothing.

  16. Different Tim- Yes. Essentially he re-wrote a part of that law, and declared it a tax, where previously it was a fee, which would be unconstitutional. Maybe he should have ethics charges too. Judges aren’t supposed to write laws.

  17. @joe6pak

    When Roberts twisted himself into a pretzel to uphold 0bamaCare….

    there were rumblings that the Roberts family adoption case was suspect…..

    then all further news/rumors stopped.

  18. It’s fairly well-speculated that Roberts and his wife illegally adopted their children from Ireland via Costa Rica, and Obama used that information as leverage to extract a favorable ruling on the “Affordable Care Act” at the last minute. Ironically it was none other than Judge Kavanaugh who gave Roberts an assist in that “ruling”. Guess what goes around comes around.

  19. In the beginning of 2016 was on Medicaid. After 6 months got the OK for my life long investment (paying taxes) for Medicare. Getting vetted for that was much worst than illegal felony trespassing for the delivery of benefits for a vote (Thanks Democrats)…BTW I had to show a valid US ID.

  20. JOE

    Roberts has always been a “Progressive.” I had many arguments with my leftist GOP friends on him 13 years ago. They’d say “how can you judge him; there are only 2 cases he’s ruled?” I said yes but 1 of they was a far left; hyper liberal ruling. I remember not the specifics now but it was a railroad – either the “L” or the sub way. Roberts ruling was a direct contradiction to the Constitution. The other case was “middle of the road”. But none of the 2 was conservative. Half (1) was radical leftist judgement!

    The liberal Judge lies!


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