Chief Patrol Agent of Tucson Sector “Drinks From the Toilet”

19 Comments on Chief Patrol Agent of Tucson Sector “Drinks From the Toilet”

  1. But… But… But… He said clothing was labeled for gender!!! How does he know how a child identifies!!!! He also said “feminine” hygiene products. Males can request them as well.

  2. I suppose it is helpful to dispel liberal myths, but this will never reach the AOC fan club, the men and women who want to have sex with her. The sooner she returns to being a lousy bartender the better.

  3. Well, the saying goes, “You can lead a democrat to a toilet, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep her from drinking from it.”

  4. Whoa, did you see how they sped up the video when he was walking back to the detention area? Obviously doctored!

  5. The ONLY thing missing from that office supply room is a bigger plastic box to put aoc and her fellow travelers in. You know – for safe sto rage and all…

  6. Bartender. Contrivance. Liar. Ignoramous. Halocaust denier.

    She’s hit bottom. She can’t get lower, just more disgusting

  7. AOC’s worshippers would say this was a fake detention center.
    It is great for shutting up the lefty talking heads though. 🙂

  8. Hey Fur, I love the illustration you used with the tease for this post, but you used the wrong end of the horse!!!

  9. @Vietvet. “Dixie” cup!! You’re right. Racist border patrol forcing the ILLEGAL FREELOADING ALIENS to drink from a cup named after the Confederacy!

    Obviously the ILLEGAL FREELOADING ALIENS need to be set FREE from the shackles and mistreatments of the “concentration camps” and sent back to their country immediately!!


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