Child Abuse

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  1. Yes. Child abuse of the highest order.
    This makes me glad, I’m at the age where I won’t have to live with these people much longer. The America I knew, is toast.

  2. The point is power and control. Soon the Karens will lose control and their self-perceived “power”. Mother nature and human nature both have ways of laughing in our faces.

  3. That kid is smarter than every expert at NIH, CDC, WHO, FDA, Washington DC.

    Masks reduce O2 intake 20% for a virus that kills by suffocation. Everyone is medically exempt.

    Was out on a motorcycle ride yesterday, walked maskless into a store to take a leak, signs on door “masks required” everyone had one on, simp behind the desk mumbles in his mask, “hello sir!” I continued on unimpeded. Dressed up in motorcycle gear seems to command respect, puts off a don’t fuck with me vibe. Been riding a lot of places lately and this has been the result 100% of the time, in the second largest authori-karen county in IL.

  4. Did you notice how she told the child “this will keep you safe” towards the end?

    Safe from what, exactly? Safe from the self-righteous, virtue-signaling, political shills that run around and persecute with impunity anyone who dares defy the ‘new order’? Or are we talking about safety from a virus? You know, a virus that is under 6 microns in size?

    It has been proven the masks do not work in stopping the spread of this virus. Might as well install chain link fence to repel mosquitos while you’re at it. The guise of “safety” will be used to strip every living creature of their freedoms, no different than any tyrannical regime who has come before this one.

  5. @ PHenry SEPTEMBER 19, 2021 AT 10:11 AM

    Perfect! You actually made me laugh out loud after watching that!

    Down with pants should become a bumper sticker or window decal. Those of us that understan will know.

  6. At least the kid isn’t handling cash, messing with their face mask then hand you the change after they wiped their germ infested hands on your money. Face masks IMHO is like walking around with a roll of toilet paper streaming out of your butt. I’m semi-paranoid about these face masks. Saw a doctor I know in the store. He was doubled masked and had 6 bottles of wine in his basket. He’s going to go home and drown himself in his misery. Heard hospital staff is walking off the job, good on them! I call the place “The Morgue.” The place has a bad reputation for killing people. Doctors aren’t God and quit treating them as if they were.

  7. Definitely child abuse perpetrated by heartless Nazi matrons.

    The poor kid is too young to yell, “I can’t breathe!”
    Seems to work for grown a** black criminal pervs the left adore.

    Guess these socialist tools don’t have any sympathy for a innocent white male child. He’s too young to know why he’s forced to wear a something that makes him feel like he’s suffocating.

  8. This mother who says my poor kid is a sorry mother if you ask me. That is your child you find someone to take care of your baby who doesn’t abuse them IF you must work.
    What if they were slapping your baby or molesting your baby would you still say my poor kid so I can work?

  9. mommie claims this is her child….how did she get the video?

    going to work is more important than taking care of her child, apparently?

    don’t tell me she can’t get govt assistance in THIS day and age….they’re practically trawling for “assistees”……

    this is not her child….if it were her child, she would do something….instead, she goes to work…..

    yeah, i used the subjunctive….i also find it easy to use singular verbs with singular nouns, and plural verbs with plural nouns, something that is increasingly impossible for english major journalistos…..yes, i am a grammar nazi….so what?…it’s only how we communicate, after all…..

    oh…i fergot….they don’t want us “communicating,” do they……might lead to…..less than desirable outcomes?


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