Child Reporter is a Bit of a Pistol


When a small-town Arizona cop stopped a 12-year-old reporter who was chasing down a story tip on Monday, he probably had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Hilde Lysiak, the preteen journalist whose exploits have inspired a Scholastic book series and an upcoming TV show, made a name for herself in 2016 by being the first to report on a grisly murder in her hometown, then firing back at the haters who suggested that a 9-year-old girl shouldn’t be hanging around crime scenes. Since then, she has continued to break news about bank robberies, alleged rapes and other lurid crimes in the Orange Street News, the paper that she publishes out of her parents’ home in Selinsgrove, Pa.

“NOTE TO DEALERS: OSN Will Not Be Intimidated,” she wrote last month, after reportedly receiving threats because she had published text message exchanges between an alleged drug dealer and a woman whom he had reportedly solicited for sex.

So naturally, she didn’t back down when Joseph Patterson, the town marshal in Patagonia, Ariz., allegedly threatened to throw her in juvenile jail on Monday, then falsely claimed it would be illegal for her to film him and publish the video on the Internet. Instead, she posted their exchange on YouTube and in the Orange Street News — which in turn prompted town officials to discipline Patterson, as the Nogales International was the first to report on Wednesday.


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Here’s her news website.

Seems better than CNN and MSNBC combined.

The officer has been disciplined.

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  1. What surprises me is that in the WAPO article they would post a pic of this gal jumping through our “Super Strong” three-wire section of our “Border Fence” which the PROGS say is plenty strong to keep the “Illegals” out.

  2. If I was the father of a 12 year old girl I’m not sure I would want/allow her to have the independence she she seems to have. I admire her ambition, but I’m not sure she appreciates how quickly a young girl can find herself in a bad spot.

  3. She needs to hurry up and become an adult so she can carry, too.

    (Gun drawn, video rolling)
    “Hi, I’m Hilde Lysiak from the Orange Streen News. You’re under arrest.”

  4. Jimmy….. this is Arizona. She don’t need no stinking permit…. or badges.. She can open carry anywhere as long as she’s somewhere near a parent or guardian…or family friend… whateves.



  5. Cop tells the girl she cannot lie to law enforcement officer. Then cop lies to the girl saying she cannot post the video on the internet. What’s wrong with this picture?

  6. Patagonia is a little artsy-fartsy berg east of Nogales, It’s been a well known time speed trap for a long time. These guys hang out 24/7 and you best be going the speed limit.

  7. She could do a sevice with real news, that’s what scares them.
    If she keeps reporting and not trying to change the world with fake news. Stay out of jurno school, it will not your brain.


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