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“Children Cannot Consent”: Teen Who Had Double Mastectomy Regrets ‘Gender Journey’

Zero Hedge:

A 17-year-old girl who regrets having both of her breasts removed as a result of so-called “gender-affirming care” testified before a California Assembly committee hearing June 28, urging state lawmakers to reject proposed legislation that would make California a transgender sanctuary state.

I was medically transitioned from ages 13 and 16,” Chloe Cole from the Central Valley told the public safety committee, saying she suffered irreversible consequences from surgeries and hormone treatment.

The committee passed the controversial Senate Bill (SB) 107, which proponents say would “provide refuge” for trans youth, their parents, and those who advocate for and provide “gender-affirming health care ” for minors.

The bill would prohibit law enforcement agencies from arresting or extraditing parents charged in other states or nations for child abuse or other crimes related to allowing minor children to receive these medical treatments. more

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  1. “children cannot consent”
    It is the basis of ALL laws of majority, including driving, liquor, weapons, voting, military service…. a minor lacks the judgement of an adult.

    Add to that, medical procedures done without consent, and a minor cannot legitimately consent, IS BATTERY, iow total malpractice.

    If there weren’t so many shysters, we’d still be a nation ruled by Law, not abused by lawyers.

  2. But just don’t get caught spanking your tweenager or you’ll get put in the jug and your parental rights stripped for child abuse.

    What a world.

    Watch and pray.

  3. I read somewhere where she said she has blood clots in her urine too. I hope she’s not been jabbed on top of everything else she has suffered. What California has done to its children is no less than child abuse.

  4. Children throw temper tantrums if they don;t get their way. If you’re a parent you know this full well. We don’t know the full story, but I’ve had teenagers before – mine never wanted to be anything other than what they were born to be. The thought never crossed their mind. I bet this kid was screaming, depressed, on and on about being one of the “cool” kids and become a freak. Now that you’ve come to an age of having a smidge of common sense, you regret what you did to yourself. Your boobs aren’t coming back. Look in the mirror every day and call yourself a “boob.” She’s definitely a candidate for self-mutilation therapy.

  5. …as I see the pain and difficulty my wife experiences still in healing from a breast cancer masectomy even months later, I can only assume that the people insane enough to have this done for non-medical reasons have NO idea whatsoever what hell they are signing themselves up for.

    Surgery SUCKS. Surgery is DANGEROUS. Post-surgical pain is TERRIBLE. Post-surgical care is MISERABLE, no matter how necessary it may be.

    And THIS bullshit ain’t necessary.

    Unfortunately, I CAN imagine adults masochistic enough to do this very easily. My wife’s reconstructionist plastic surgeon DOES make most of his money on purely cosmetic procedures, after all. Although I sometimes wonder if the consent is REALLY infomed as it is impossible to describe someone else’s pain to someone else, but whatever, your body, your choice, hey?

    But I cannot IMAGINE inflicting this on ANY child, let alone a MENTALLY ILL one.

    I saw mine through facial cleft reconstruction. It was hell for him and hell for us, but it had to be done because it was a very visible deformity that would cause major functional problems like eating and speaking, not to mention the shit other kids put him through for his appearance that does NOT go away with adults. It was terrible necessity, but necessity it was.

    Mutilating healthy tissue on correctly formed children where it doesn’t pose any functional or life hazard and has nonsurgical workarounds is NOT.

    And surgery itself can kill. My son almost died of anaphylaxis complicated by incompetent postsurgical care and I had to save his life in a hospital full of doctors because the nurse was unwilling or unable to do so. There’s also infection, surgical errors, improper healing, somtimes things have to have second surgeries because doctors are not gods and prove it every day. Doctor caused illness and death is so common it has its own word, iatrogenic, as is hospital caused illness that ALSO has its own word, nosocomial.

    Only a fool goes to a modern hospital when he is not sick.

    And only a sadist takes his minor child to one for cosmetic reasons.

  6. Goldenfoxx
    JULY 1, 2022 AT 10:41 AM
    “She’s definitely a candidate for self-mutilation therapy.”

    …except there’s no good mental health therapy any more. All they do is affirm your mental illness and tell you that your PARENTS are the crazy ones.

    Just another thing the Democrats ruined in their quest for power.

    And give the devil his due; they are very thorough in their destruction.

  7. @ SNS JULY 1, 2022 AT 11:05 AM

    Satan cannot create or love, Satan can only manipulate and distort. That is why Satan’s tools here on earth are demand that truth is what say it is.

  8. Measure twice, cut once cuz there ain’t no going back!
    In this case, think twice…
    The Left has “nudged” our society with incremental steps so far towards Gomorrah that stuff that wasn’t even in the normal imagination is now daily discussion material!

  9. Filthy democrat scum keep topping themselves on ever more increasingly demonic horse shit they support. Seriously, how could anyone not a demonic piece of shit support the idea of children getting sex change operations on demand? FFS

  10. Time to disappear most of these Frankenstein Doctors.

  11. Used to call them “sickos”….. now they enthusiastically elected to office.

  12. Doctor Do no harm. “I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm”

  13. present demonrat hippocratic oath: (1) i will stridently suck lawyer dick (2) i will consider patient health afterwards (3) if 2 conflicts with 1, then fkit, u can die

  14. I feel bad for where this person in currently in their lives.

    The next 50 years will haunt this person BUT If they did not get what they wanted they would have tried to cancel anyone who legitimately did not want them to harm themselves.

  15. @Deplorable Second Class July 1, 2022 at 12:23 pm

    > Time to disappear most of these Frankenstein Doctors.

    We find your lack of conviction… disturbing.

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