‘Chills, Aches, Fever’: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Tests Positive For Coronavirus

It’s turning into Corona News Network


CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin tested positive for the novel coronavirus, she announced Friday.

Baldwin made the announcement on Instagram Friday and said that she is “OKAY.” The “CNN Newsroom” host added that her symptoms “came on suddenly yesterday afternoon.” This announcement comes just three days after anchor Chris Cuomo announced that he tested positive for the virus.

“Chills, aches, fever,” Baldwin said as she described her symptoms. “I’ve been social distancing. Doing ALL the things we’re being told to do. Still – it got me.”


30 Comments on ‘Chills, Aches, Fever’: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Tests Positive For Coronavirus

  1. Dallas County Commissioner Clay Jenkins just extended the shelter in place dictate until May 20. These bastards are never going to let this end.

  2. ?????? Is this the same virus that crazy lefties said brought CERTAIN DEATH?

    Pretty sure they said it brought about CERTAIN DEATH.

  3. Sorry, my give a damn is busted. Besides, there’s nothing these frauds love more than becoming self made martyrs. Now they can tell war stories about their heroic battle with the China Flu regardless of the rather high survival rate.

  4. “I’ve been social distancing. Doing ALL the things we’re being told to do. Still – it got me.”

    That’s the way it is, if you are going to catch it you catch it and there really isn’t anything that will prevent it.

    Shutting down the economy, banning peaceable assembly and the free exercise of religion, and forcing social isolation really isn’t going to do any good, but they do have the benefit of conditioning the people to accept total government control of their lives without regard for their Constitutional rights.

  5. Ain’t nothing that a ‘Magic Hands’ chest massage with Vicks Vaporub couldn’t fix….

  6. Dubious. Just like Cuomo and his chills, violent enough to break his teeth, yet no hospital, no days off.

  7. Go on Twitter to #film your hospital. People are going to different hospitals and there’s nothing going on.

  8. Cuomo Porked her. Sometimes us Italians like em with a bit more meat on the bones.

    Also: she got her test quite quickly because reporters and better than us.

    They get to fly all over the world and mingle.

  9. I wish her well but she’s been a pain in the @$$ to a lot of people for a lot of years so turn about is fair play.

    Maybe she can get a gig on one of Mario Cuomo’s “press conferences” like his idiot brother did.

  10. I’m sorry who? CNN? What?

    That’s the cable network that I am forced to subsidize so I can get the other 200 worthless BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP stations that impose BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP programming.

    This useless person on a devious network owned by Jane BLEEPING Fonda’s ex-husband should kindly succumb to the Chinese Red death. She carried their water. Now drink it.

    Hopefully a real American doesn’t catch anything from this leftist whore.

  11. Yeah.
    My doctors office is a walk in and they said that I couldn’t take the test during the 12 + days I was experiencing the same symptoms.

    So if I had to bet I would say that I did catch it and recovered but I couldn’t prove it without the stupid test.

    Bottom line, you feel like shit but this isn’t worth losing our rights and damaging our economy in such a massive way.

  12. Remind me why I shouldn’t believe a word anyone on CNN says. Would it have something to do with FAKE NEWS?

  13. Don Lemon is probably next in line. Could be entertaining where he’ll claim he got it since he believed it possible the Malaysian missing plane disappeared into a black hole.

  14. Well now that the world knows that she is brim full of the foreign crud she should be made to yell ‘UNCLEAN’ wherever she goes for the rest of her life! Also pertains to any and every Democrat!

  15. Boobs Baldwin is just getting in on the latest trend. When I see a CNN actor in a hospital, maybe–maybe–I’ll believe it.

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