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China Announces It Will Block Imports of North Korea’s Coal

NationalSecurity:  This morning’s key headlines from

  • China announces it will block imports of North Korea’s coal
  • Assassination of Kim Jong-un’s half-brother in Malaysia threatens relations with China and North Korea

Two events in the last week – North Korea’s test of a long-range ballistic missile and the assassination, possibly by North Korean agents, of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of president Kim Jong-un – have infuriated and embarrassed China’s leaders, since they enormously complicate China’s foreign policy.

The ballistic missile test is particularly troubling to China’s leadership for several reasons:

  • It violates UN Security Council resolutions supported by China. Furthermore, the missile test threatens the political stability of the entire region, and China’s leaders object when any country other than China threatens the regional stability.
  • The missiles begin tested, while nominally intended for use against Japan, South Korea and the United States, could also be used against targets in China, if the child dictator Kim Jong-un feels threatened in some way by China.
  • China has vigorously objected to the deployment in South Korea of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system, claiming that the defensive missiles are not needed and that they in some way threaten China. North Korea’s ballistic missile test makes the THAAD deployment in South Korea even more necessary.

China’s announcement on Saturday that it would suspend all coal shipments from North Korea was a surprise, but not totally unexpected.


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  1. Kim Il-sung was crazy.
    Kim Jong-Il was a lunatic.
    But Kim Jong-in might be so crazy as to succeed in pissing of the Chinese enough for them to do some elimination and insert a puppet in his place.

  2. I don’t get the whole Love/hate China Hate/love Russia thing going on right now. Can iOTWr folks help me out? Under Obama, we made a deal with Russia to maintain a huge part of our space program while at the same time asked China to keep shipping us smartphones, cheap plastic shit and dog food that kills dogs. Why is it OK that Obama paid Russia to maintain our space program, but it is evil for Trump to ask Russia to help destroy ISIS? Obama loved him some TPP so China can continue to kill our dogs, but won’t demand China to stop NoKo nukes? WTF? Why was Obama paying Putin billions? When did Russia become so evil we can’t have a chat on the phone with them anymore? What happens if Russia says we can’t have our astronauts back? Is Bruce Willis gonna go get them for us?


  3. And more threats from the Norks in 3……2……1!

    Wanna bet in the next couple of weeks their nook plant
    starts back up and they are “making” uranium?

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