China Arrests Hong Kong Journalists for Violating Law That Was Praised in New York Times Op-Ed

Authorities in Hong Kong this week used a Chinese national security law defended in the New York Times to arrest five editors at a newspaper critical of Beijing.

Police raided the offices of Apple Daily and arrested the editors for violating a national security law imposed last year that makes it illegal to call for sanctions against China. In October 2020, Regina Ip, a Hong Kong official known to have close ties to Beijing, defended the law in New York Times op-ed. Ip credited the measure for ending protests in Hong Kong, which she claimed had devolved into violence.

“The scale and frequency of antigovernment protests has now subsided — thanks to a national security law for Hong Kong promulgated in Beijing on June 30,” she wrote in the Times.

The arrests come as the Chinese government cracks down on media outlets and activists who support the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. Police arrested Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai last year on charges under the national security law. Lai was convicted this year on fraud charges that Western observers have claimed were fabricated against him because of his staunch opposition to the Chinese Communist Party. more here

7 Comments on China Arrests Hong Kong Journalists for Violating Law That Was Praised in New York Times Op-Ed

  1. The NYT is all for that kind of law until they get arrest for a similar one.

    That is the same as “hate speech” laws.

  2. NYT never fails to support Socialists or Communists, including the Marxists of BLM and Antifa.
    I wouldn’t allow a parakeet to use the NYT as a cage liner.

  3. I tried using the ny times as cage liner, but my bird refused to lower himself to even shit on it.

  4. Listen to Sharyl Attkisson’s Just the News podcast 98 from last Friday: The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast: Who are all the bad sources and why is the media still protecting them?
    She spends about a half hour discussing mistakes and outright lies by Maggie Haberman and David Vogel.
    Both of these propagandists were hired by the New York Times after a history of mistakes and outright lies from them while they were at Politico.
    Lies and mistakes so egregious they should have been fired and never worked in the industry ever again.
    Instead, the NYT brought them into their reporter pool.
    Obviously, truth and accuracy are NOT a priority for the Times.

  5. Britain should have told the ccp to pound and when the hong kong lease expired.

    what would the ccp do anyway?
    release a deadly virus among the world or something?

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