China backed Tedros’ 2017 bid to be WHO director-general

TownHall: Is This Why WHO Peddled China’s Propaganda on the Wuhan Coronavirus?

China lied, and people died. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that this pandemic originated in China. It’s called the Wuhan coronavirus. Period. China discovered evidence of this pneumonia-like illness in December and ordered its scientists to destroy samples. China dragged its feet when it came to informing the public. It kept information about human-to-human transmission buried. It kept medical crews in the dark and strong-armed doctors who were trying to do the right thing. But somehow, it’s not China’s fault. I cannot eye-roll hard enough. And remember, the World Health Organization pretty much spread Chinese misinformation in January. more

7 Comments on China backed Tedros’ 2017 bid to be WHO director-general

  1. POS – ’nuff said. Stop funding WHO and the UN with US taxpayer money and use it to cover the expenses of Wuhan.

  2. Death by snapping turtle.


    I could hot glue all his orifices shut. I’ve been super crafty stuck at home.

  3. So, the ChiComvirus was caused by bat soup slurping Communist Chinese who bought off a United Nations Third World Shitholer. Imagine that! Kick the UN out of New York. Send it to Mogadishu or Wuhan where it belongs.

  4. The best thing is just throw the imbeciles out of the country. If they want to keep the yield, turn iy into a homeless shelter. or rent it out to businesses.

  5. On another note, the ChiComs installed Meng Hongwei as Interpol head…then kidnapped him back in 2018. Even The Atlantic had a 2018 questioning the ‘trust’people should have for ChiCom global leadership. Chairman Winnie the Xi, get bent.


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