China: Bat soup, snakes blamed for Coronavirus outbreak

Gateway Pundit: Scientists Blame Coronavirus on Bats — In Chinese Province Where Bat Soup Is Served in Restaurants.

Scientists in China blamed the deadly coronavirus on bats — a favorite at local restaurants in Wuhan province.

China has confirmed 500 cases of the deadly virus and placed Wuhan under quarantine. more [WARNING: pictures of boiled bats at link]

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  1. Dag nab it, I just took my bats and snakes out of the freezer last night so I could throw them in the Crock-Pot for a good tasty soup tonight.

  2. USAF Jungle Survival Safety tip #32987-C1: Don’t drink out of septic tank drainage streams and stay away from non-cultured sickly bats.

  3. Nothing like good old home cooked bush-meat I always say. The trigger
    warning was not needed, I see worse looking road kill almost every day.

  4. “stay away from non-cultured…bats.”

    So look for bats wearing an ascot and listening to opera. Avoid bats with tats and piercings. Got it!

  5. A friend in Hong Kong told me that the common joke is that Chinese will eat anything with legs, except maybe the table and chair.

  6. Aside from bats and snakes this virus is apparently contagious by airborne means (cough, sneeze, etc.).

    My real question about it is whether or not it becomes contagious before or only after identifiable symptoms develop.

    Anyone know?

  7. Oh, FFS!
    Nobody’s ever seen “soul” food?
    Chit’lins, guts, jowls, nuts, hooves, livers, hearts, gizzards, and knuckles?

    Can a virus survive a proper cooking?

    Armadillos carry leprosy (bacterium, not virus, but you get the drift) but with proper handling and cooking they become “Hoover” pork and Texmex chili meat.

    Bats are probably every bit as delicious as pigs’ feet to those who enjoy them.
    “All cultures are equal” and “Cain’t we all jus get along?”

    The chinx have been looking for an excuse to fuck with Wuhan … something to do with short donations to the Clinton Foundation and the 2016 election.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. From Grool: “From the picture it looks like they don’t even gut those things.”

    “Honey, what did you stuff the turkey with?”

    “Why nothing silly, it weren’t empty!”

  9. …I washed dishes for a long time, by hand, in a “Chinese” restaurant, and never saw anything that far afield.

    Granted, it was a Formsan (Taiwanese) restaurant, and most of the mainland recipies did not seem to have travelled across the Taiwan Straights with the Nationalist, but that also may be due to the differences between health care in Capitalist Taiwan and the lack thereof in the MUCH more populous Communist mainland driving peasants to find peasant remedies on their own (which is why everything’s horn is ground up and eaten as a potential penis stiffener there), but be that as it may, Taiwan has LESS disg diversity, but that is not to say it has NONE.

    (Taiwan also seems to lack mainland novelties like dedicated Cobra Blood restaurants have terrariums full of fat, angry hooded snakes available for you to pick for bleeding into cups for your raw consumption along with a bonus cup of gall bladder juice, but since that seems to be mainly for the tourists and the locals eschew these establishments, that’s a different story for another day).

  10. Anyway, the cry in the Orient is usually “is it dead or is it dinner?”, and the sauce is VERY important in masking some of the – stronger – flavors, but I am proud to say the particular restaurant I worked in was unique among such establishments as it was NOT near a veterinary hospital, and I know that they did NOT serve puppies or kitties there, and insulted their mainland cousins as backwards for doing so.

    That doesn’t mean things didn’t get sideways, sometimes.

    They only let family do the cooking, Americans were just for serving and cleaning up. This was partly due to the usual purpose of a Chinese restaurant being mainly an immigration conduit, also because family knew the recipes, and just a little racism. The whole time I was there, the only 2 Taiwanese terms I learned were, very approximately and very phonetically, “hahingooi” and “mehingooi”, for “honkey” and “niger”, respectively.

    I remember there were occasions they would butcher live chickens in the restaurant, near the industrial sized woks they cooked everything in. They would bleed them into bowls and use it for sauces and puddings later (after further processing) then pluck the chickies, butcher them up, and into the woks they went.

    I was, like, 14 on my first job, so I didn’t know that was illegal.

    The health inspector caught wind of it eventually and shut that down, and that was probably the worst thing I ever saw.

    For the customers.

    They would shut the place down to the public on special occasions, however, and have HUGE family gatherings instead, and this got wierder. One time, I took my station at my 3 hole sink, and found the first hole was already filled.

    By water with a live squid in it.

    Since I hadn’t seen a lot of live squids as a teenager in the Midwest, I questioned this, and was told it was a delicacy for a special celebration. I let it go at that, but did avoid that side of the basin the rest of the night since I knew nothing about it’s reach or temperament, and all the information I had was from “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” and some action set GI Joe sell copy, neither of which protrayed squid in a positive light.

    I also remember a duck dish where they cut off the head and feet, processed it into kind of a meatloaf consistency after deboning it, pressed the meat back together into the shape of a duck, THEN PUT THE HEAD AND FEET BACK ON to serve it. Again, though, this was a special day with family, and not the “flied lice” sort of offering for the usual hahingoois.

    Other than oddities like that, and the owner playing tunes on the leaves of the plastic plant by the cash register when it was slow, though, the place was clean, used purchased processed ingredinents, and made delicious things with them.

  11. I have since had reason as I got older to question some of the dishwashing techniques I had learned, like washing fancy square-handled WOODEN chopsticks for re-use, but as far as I know, we never made anyone sick or served them anything raw that wasn’t sushi (being Formosan and having lived under Japanese occupation for a time, they felt they could offer sushi and sake too, alonh with Hunan and Cantonese cuisine. Who is a gweilo like me to complain?)

    So, it was kind of a myth, at least in my particular case.

  12. …now, my sister worked in a MAINLAND based restaurant in another town where they were evidently Buddhist that fled the Communist takeover in China, and brought their religion with them to the restaurant, as is not uncommon for Buddhist to do.

    Ever gone in a Chinese restaurant and noticed that there was a large statue of Buddha on a high shelf there, with bowls in front of it?

    Well, those bowls are full of FOOD. Some traditon about offerings to Buddha.

    Well, fat though he be, seems Buddha isn’t a big eater, so the ROACHES will gladly fill in for him.

    Look up at the bowls in front of Buddha next time. Do you think you see movement?

    That’s the ROACHES.

    That’s WHY the shelf is high, to make it hard for you to see.

    This resulted in a large infestation of roaches.

    …now, this place may have been a special case because I’m told the owner was a bit of an asshole, where he would do things like “forget” his English when a customer complained or a vendor wanted paid…and he wasn’t alone in the building.

    This building had a large restaurant upstairs and a medium sized, unrelated bar in the basement, and the owners HATED each other. This made it so they didn’t coordinate on little things like bug-bombing schedules.

    Well, the restaurant guy would bomb UPSTAIRS without coordinating with the bar owner DOWNSTAIRS, so the roaches would all run down to the bar. The bar guy would notice them, bug bomb himself without telling the restaurant guy, and chase all the roaches back up to te restaurant. This resulted in an evidently large colony of smart, well-exercised roaches causing a bad problem.

  13. How bad WAS it? Well, my sister tells me that, one day, there 220 beer cooler quit functioning (yes, the Chinese drink beer, search “TsingTao” among others), and the guy came to fix it. Well, it seems the motor had fairly large openings for cooling, and the roaches were looking for a warm place to rest, and found one when the motor was between cycles. Ignoring lock out/tag out procedures, they occupied in large numbers.

    So large that they JAMMED THE MOTOR when it tried to automatically restart.

    I’m told the beer cooler guy lost interest in the project after he opened up the motor, saw the dense roach paste with bits still moving, got his stuff, had a nice yell with the owner, and never returned.

    The beer cooler was replaced.

    …and I haven’t even STARTED on the oddities of the FOOD they served yet, but the place is long since torn down, I don’t have first-hand knowledge of THIS place, and this is already WELL into TL:DNR territory, so that, too, will have to be a different story for another day…

  14. “An odd and hasty meal.”
    Years ago I read a news story about a Chinese
    man who bought bottled snakes (apparently a
    delicacy in his neck of the bamboo).
    Only problem was they weren’t dead when he tried
    to get them down.

  15. Federal REserve has announced that it stands ready to meet all financing needs to fight this grave danger.

  16. You do realize this virus cannot be contained. The masks and “quarantines” are simply to make people feel less threatened.

    I remember the Spanish Flu of 1918. It was a bitch.

  17. Boiled bats made me click to see the pics. Imagine your life ending because you ate boiled bats. Gag a maggot. Where I live, the Hmongs got rid of our dog packs, and people’s pet kitties went missing. In DH’s line of work, he occasionally came upon out buildings with dead and skinned animals inside ready for the pot. These people bring their culture with them. Not many are capable of assimilating into our culture. I’ve got plenty of stories……

  18. @supernightshade: We frequented a Chinese restaurant which was owned and operated by Taiwanese. They had the Buddha on the back wall behind the cash register. I saw oranges and the usual incense burning. The owners could not afford to allow patrons to see anything crawling. Their restaurant stood standing during the Paradise fire. It won’t be reopened – no customers, the town around them burned down. The owners were well liked, they knew how to assimilate. I liked them, they never forgot a name. They loved Trump too.

  19. @Super: Iirc, the Aids virus was passed on by a gay male airline steward. It went global and set off a panic as I recall. This virus has more legs to it than Aids. I bet it’s airborne. Incubation period is 7 days, long enough to spread like wildfire. There’s no cure. One more thing, only Asians will get it. It’s SARs like, and only Asians got SARs. It’s called biowarfare, genetically engineered. /jmho

  20. Not sure how to link this.
    But go to “” and scroll down to.
    “corona virus developed in Canada”


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