China Boasts of Wuhan Coronavirus Lung Transplants as Evidence Mounts of Organ Harvesting

Breitbart: Chinese state media recently boasted about a successful double-lung transplant operation to treat the Wuhan coronavirus, the Epoch Times noted Wednesday, amid growing evidence that the Communist Party is harvesting the organs of religious minorities and political prisoners to sell on the black market.

In February, state propaganda outlet Global Times reported that a Chinese medical team “successfully carried out the world’s first double-lung transplant” for a patient suffering from the coronavirus, describing it as a move of “great significance in reducing critical cases.”

“The transplanted lungs were donated by a non-local patient after brain death and transported to Wuxi by high-speed railway in seven hours,” the article notes.

As noted by the Epoch Times, a Chinese American newspaper associated with the persecuted Fang Gong religious movement, the fact that brain-dead donors with all the matching characteristics, including blood and tissue type, were available just before the surgery was performed seems uncannily convenient.

A majority of China’s organ transplants reportedly come from harvesting those of non-consensual “donors” who belong to persecuted religious minorities such as Uyghur Muslims and Falun Gong practitioners.

The process of an “endless supply of organs” is detailed by the charity

13 Comments on China Boasts of Wuhan Coronavirus Lung Transplants as Evidence Mounts of Organ Harvesting

  1. Fuck China!

    An entire planet cleaning up their SHIT!

    I am getting more pissed every day!

  2. Youtube Video – search:

    China is asshole! (GANGNAM MIX) Parody

    My Daily theme song as i go to work in an abandoned city.

  3. Abandoned city – I have been out of the house briefly (twice for about 15 mins) for the entire week, and I feel like I’m the only one trying to “quarantine” in this town. The Walmart and grocery store parking lots are as full as ever.

    People may be staying home from work, but they are not staying home. Here at least – and yet no dire pandemic consequences.

  4. The Chinese. select their victims/donors carefully before their selfless life ending donation .Their only right is to serve the state to their utmost ability.

  5. Knowing the Chinese I wouldn’t be surprised that after harvesting the lungs the rest of the body goes for hot pot and stir fry.

  6. Can you imagine the evil it takes in a person to deliberately release a disease into the world? I wonder if this has anything to do with the few mysterious scientist deaths over the last year.

  7. I personally don’t believe it to be intentional I do believe the FUCKERS to be SEVERELY NEGLIGENT!

  8. RLS’s “The Body Snatcher”…

    “The more things are wrong the more we must act as if all were right.”

  9. Piles of bloody lungs in big bins in their wet markets.

    Right next to a display of bats, intestines, dog meat.

    Chinee guy wearing filthy blood-stained butcher’s gown: Buy one flesh lung, get second lung FLEEE.

    I’m gonna puke.

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