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China Building More Bioweapons Labs Like Wuhan’s

China is building three more labs like the one now under investigation by US intelligence agencies for being the possible origin of COVID-19, author Steven Mosher says.

Mosher’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemics,” set for publication in March, says that China “is moving forward with plans to greatly expand its technological capacity to carry out what it called ‘biosecurity research.’ ”

And while Chinese officials claim the work is intended to combat future deadly diseases, Mosher writes that “the worry is that this is merely civilian cover for a further, and major expansion of China’s biological weapons program,” according to an excerpt obtained by The Post. More

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  1. I’ll tell you who the fuck is laughing from his grave.

    General Douglas MacArthur.

    So in your minds eye tonight Imagine yourself Dropping your fatigues and taking a good ole steamer on Truman’s Fucking Cursed Grave wherever the fuck it is.

    Mac knew what the Fuck was coming BEFORE he was done with Germany in WW2.

  2. And why wouldn’t they? They used to be afraid of the United States, but now under the Beijing Beideng CCP controlled regime they laugh in our face and say “I dare you”. Pathetic.

    Thank you useful idiots.

  3. Is Fauci funding these labs or is it U.S. Big Pharma…..after Covid they should all me $$$ multi-Billionaires. China doesn’t need the U.S. Government (taxpayer) grants now.

  4. This is Pandora’s Box come true!
    This is going to boil down to only one way to sterilize the Chicoms and their machinations!

  5. “Biosecurity research” kinda catchy. Sounds like something that con-gress named.

  6. Hey, we’re gonna open another one of our own in Manhattan, Kansas next year. It’s right in the middle of cattle country, too.

    Hey, Kansas. Did you know that?
    Hey, neighboring states. Did you know that?

  7. Ny wife is Chinese, and she watches these soap operas made in China. Don’t get me wrong, she’s the one who sold me on Trump early in 2016. She’s still his biggest fan, and a cutthroat capitalist. Anyhow, I asked her yesterday where China’s Hollywood was….the place where they crank out these shows. She said there’s no big studio town in China like Hollywood. But I’m starting to think these Bioweapon labs are going to be the real studios in China, after this Wuhan blockbuster and its record run.

    They won’t even have to create and release a real bioweapon. All they have to do is build some prop labs and make a show about it. The little tyrants around the world who invested in the production will screen it for their mesmerized audiences. And it will seem so real it’s like we’re in the show, donning our safety gear, getting our jabs, taking our tests, losing our freedom…this show could run forever, if we just believe.

  8. @Thirdtwin – “…this show could run forever, if we just believe…”

    I would say “if we just succumb.” There is a subtle difference between believing and succumbing.

  9. When did the CCP stop building bioweapons? Never. It’s been their on going pursuit for over 100 yrs. – as soon as the bio technology became available, China was involved. China wasn’t twiddling their thumbs during WW I and WW II, either.
    Does anyone really think China paused any project to achieve thier goal of world domination. Nope.
    BTW, if bioweapons don’t eliminate a large number of CCP’s enemies, mainly thw Western population, guess what the next step the CCP will take…yep, nukes.
    Buckle up.

  10. Trump’s biggest mistake was not vaporizing Wuhan when this all started! If the numbers we are given are true, this manufactured virus has killed more than any world war. Japan seems to be behaving since Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They make good cars and don’t send us bullshit products and viruses.

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