China Floods Villagers’ Homes to Save Cities Like Wuhan

Massive flooding in China might put the Three Gorges Dam to the brink of collapse, but Chinese Communist Party officials in Anhui province have a plan—flood rural villages to save big cities like Chongqing and Wuhan.

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  1. So what are the Communists going to do? They’re fucked no matter what they do. Building that dam in that spot wasn’t probably the best idea-too late now.

    Like the Chinese guy says, “What choice do I have?”

    None. Or maybe go somewhere where you not downstream of possibly the worst human disaster in history.

  2. Well, I have no love for the chicoms, but the flooding is at historic levels, and they have to make some really hard decisions. Tragically, they’re stuck with triaging the areas threatened by flood and try to keep the damage to a minimum. Preventing all damage is no longer an option.

  3. Logically, it makes sense. Destruction will happen, it’s best to control it while they still can.

    Problem with Americans is that nagging harpy they call compassion. Gets in the way of making sound, logical and ethical decisions.

    Poor engineering judgement to build where and like they did but it is their country so who the hell are we to tell them no?

  4. Pfft. Who’s telling them no? It’s a hard lesson for every nation around the world to learn: Never let the Chinese construct any of your buildings and always use the Japanese and Italians to do your bridge and dam building. lol

    It’s ironic they’re trying to save Wuhan, though.

  5. Whatever the damage of flooding the low lying areas is probably negligible in the eyes of the DC’s (democratic communists) agenda, but, after all the bragging about it when it was built, the loss of face if/when the dam breaks is incalculable.

  6. The Chinese communist/fascist tyrannical government can only avoid karma for so long then like the dam it will be unleashed all at once.

  7. news of the future, 2025:
    Massive flooding in China might push the Three Gorges Dam to the brink of collapse.
    Also, flooding blamed on Global Climate Change caused by Americans.

  8. @MJA
    Of course they have to save Wuhan. That’s were they are currently making the next generation pandemic virus.

  9. Leftist politicians throughout the world make decisions based on if it will provide them with a good photo op and last until they are out of office. That is one thing you can take to the bank. They looked at the statistical probability of a hundred year event occurring during their tenure and rolled the dice.

  10. Well, there the Chicoms go again. Stealing our ideas from New Orleans, Louisiana. They’d successfully blame the opposing political party, too. If China had one.

  11. I bought another Mr. Coffee coffee maker JIC there’s none to be had. Go to your local WalMart (if you can stand it), and check out the low stock of merchandise on the shelves. It’s starting to hit already, the lack of merchandise and shipments from China is telling MSM aren’t reporting it, they haven’t finished off scaring the crap out of people over Covid. Too busy lying about how sane Biden is.That’s about to disappear when Flood #4 hits China above the 3 Gorges Dam. BTW, 95% of our pharmaceuticals come from Wuahn China. Might want to stock up on your meds NOW before Wuhan goes underwater.

  12. @JD Hasty: “They looked at the statistical probability of a hundred year event occurring during their tenure and rolled the dice.”

    And they crapped out! This time, there’s no more dice to roll.

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