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China Gripes About Military Appropriation Bill

Yesterday, the president signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for 2019 (NDAA). The $716 billion spending bill “authorizes an increase of 15,600 troops, funding for 77 F-35 fighter jets and funding for 13 new battleships.” More

There are also a number of provisions directed at curbing Chinese influence here and abroad. Our trade partners in the East were quick to accuse The United States of meddling in their internal affairs as well as damaging relations between the two nations. Here

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  1. The more flak you attract, the closer you are to the target.

    China thought the U.S. would be lead by oblowme’s choice. Hell, everyone thought that! haaha!

  2. $716 billion for “defense” but we still don’t have a Southern wall. It’s not about defense. It’s about boondoggles. Hell, just yesterday, a base was overrun on Northern Afghanistan by the Taliban. We’re losing a war to an army of illiterates with no air force nor tanks nor artillery. But we’re gonna piss away billions on the F35, a piece of shit that is so precious and delicate that we can’t actually use it in actual battle. JFC.

  3. The Chinese have yet to figure out that if they try to figure the probability of PDJT backing down their calculator will shift into scientific notation.

  4. TheMule
    There’s a lot to what you said. What I find funny is that the defense spending bill boodoggle was named after McCain.

  5. Nobody’s going to vote down a bill named after a dying McCain.
    It’s like “for the children.” They are incapable of not voting for something with that kind of wording.

  6. The only reason the Chicoms are pissed off is because THEY OWN the McStain brand name, they bought it through their army of lobbyists and lawyers, and with all the crooked land-buying deals they made in Nevada thanks to McStain and his family they might just be able to sue and win the case of copyright infringement against the US government for the “McStain brand” that they shelled out millions for.

  7. I don’t know why China is bitching, most of the parts to assemble our jets will be coming from there.

  8. Remember when Reagan put the pedal to the metal?

    He “rolled coal” on the USSR ! Trump knows this.


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