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China Hording Of PPE Is Unconscionable

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China lied and people died. In December, China ordered its scientists to destroy samples that showed they had a pneumonia-like virus on their hands. They strong-armed doctors from trying to spread the word, kept medical staff in the dark, and prevented new cases of what we know was the Wuhan Coronavirus, or COVID-19, from being reported. And now doctors who tried to raise awareness have vanished. Vloggers documenting the situation on the ground have also disappeared. China allowed Chinese New Year to be celebrated which led to scores of people being exposed. In all, some 5 million people had left Wuhan by the time the Chinese government got its act together. It was too late. And now, their incompetence caused this pandemic.

The world economy has ground to a halt. And while we’re dealing with this nonsense, China has also reportedly tried to corner the market on personal protection equipment which is essential for health care workers around the world. The Trump administration is fully aware of the situation and is mulling legal action. The New York Post quoted one senior lawyer said China’s actions concerning this alleged hoarding is akin to a first-degree murder charge (via NY Post) More

China backed company caught directing employees to acquire personal protection equipment (PPE) before other nations realized there was a pandemic. Here

Peter Navarro charges China with trying to corner the world market on PPE. Here

h/t Bill Whittle’s CoronaSphere lounge – If you have some time today, give this episode a listen. Here

8 Comments on China Hording Of PPE Is Unconscionable

  1. This would be an opportune time to deem all the treasury paper held by the ChiComs to be null and void.

    The problem is our POS politicians refuse to spend within the limits provided by revenues thus they wouldn’t have the comchinks to give them necessary loaned cash to buy votes and cater to their pals.

    I’ve absolutely had it with both parties. $26T in debt! Good Lord we are so screwed.

  2. How does this square with the *Something is fishy*

  3. China is entitled by hook or crook to do China First. Those who should be blamed are our corporations that have offshored to China, our academics that have given China our technology, and our politicians who have allowed both — all to line their own pockets.

  4. commies are going to commie

    the boomer flu inflation, from spending money we don’t have, hurts everyone, but it hurts the retired most.
    people who thought they had enough money and retired will find out different

    but the biggest shoe has yet to fall…those with government bloated pensions that have yet to retire…the unfunded liabilities will now be inflated into manageable debt

    you haven’t heard the screaming yet, they will be the loudest

    if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true

  5. Hope it’s not because they know something about this virus that we haven’t figured out yet and there’s worse to come. It’s hard to imagine that they would want to further vilify there standing in the global community just to be dicks.

  6. The world economy didn’t “grind to a halt” because of some stupid virus in China or because of the Chi-Com’s behavior.
    It “ground to a halt” because of the rest of the world’s imbecilities vis-à-vis a seasonal flu.

    The Chinese Communists didn’t do anything other than what any other Communist Dictatorship does where their perceived failures or mistakes are concerned.
    A flu broke out. That’s it. The Chi-Coms didn’t want to get blamed for not protecting the fukkin chinks, so they covered it up. Same with the Norks, same with the Cubans, same with the old rotten Soviet Union, same with the Demonrats – none of them accept any responsibility for any of their grotesqueries – from widespread starvation to mass murder to the necessity of vast prison complexes ostensibly for re-education to flu outbreaks to ObolaCare to simple plane crashes.

    You don’t blame a dog for acting doggish – it’s expected.
    Same with totalitarians.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I’m pretty sure this is running well along the lines of Chink-Think-Tank forecasts said it would, maybe even better!
    If they wanted to collapse the US dollar as the currency standard of the world, I cant think of a more effective way of doing it.

  8. Name a single thing a bunch of commies do that isn’t unconscionable.
    Here as well.


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