China Imposes Quarantine to Fight the Black Death as Bubonic Plague Reported in Inner Mongolia

PJ Media: First coronavirus, then murder hornets, now bubonic plague?! Authorities in China have responded to one confirmed case of the black death and another suspected case. Both cases emerged in the semi-autonomous region of Inner Mongolia.

According to Chinese Communist Party reports, a herdsman in Bayannur contracted bubonic plague and is in quarantine and in stable condition, the BBC reported. Officials also said they were investigating a second case.

That case involves a 15-year-old patient who came down with a fever after close contact with a marmot hunted by a dog.

Chinese officials issued a level-3 alert, forbidding the hunting and eating of animals that could carry plague and calling on the public to report suspected cases. The alert will last throughout the rest of 2020.

Wait, isn’t bubonic plague the black death? more here

25 Comments on China Imposes Quarantine to Fight the Black Death as Bubonic Plague Reported in Inner Mongolia

  1. That’s not how MSM and the Dems will tell the story.
    Another quarantine and more masks coming.

  2. Just how hungry do you have to be to eat a raw marmot kidney?

    Two of the Mongolians afflicted by the Black Death are reported to have contracted the disease by doing just that.

  3. You left out the New Swine Flu. Lord, take me back to the days when Hillary could recover from pneumonia by hugging a little kid. We’ve got to get a better class of Public Health Experts.

  4. They will likely be fine, unless it progresses to pneumonic plague, and then they will probably still be fine, as long as they keep things contained.

    Now, I don’t know how they are going to handle the catastrophic flooding in the South and the plague of locust in the North. Good thing, for them, they have invested heavily in US and Australian agribusiness.

    Wonder why you can’t find pork as readily anymore, and if you can, it is double the price? Ironic that Trump designated meat processing as a strategic industry, when the major beneficiaries are the people who sent us this dempanic.

    Strategic industries should not be controlled by hostile governments.

  5. Thankfully, it’s only transmitted by murder hornets: another fine product from Media Panix®!

  6. Aww … that’s a shame …

    Africa used to be Ground Zero for all the pestilential filth … guess China don’t wanna be second!

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. You’d think the climate folks would encourage the spread, thereby reducing the worlds over population and carbon foot print. Why aren’t they spreading the word???

  8. There is and has been for decades and decades…. Bubonic Plague carrying rodents in the Western parts of the United States. (Don’t touch dead rodents or bats (rabies) either. That’s why they are called vermin. DUH!)

    I guess when the Corona scare gets old and people get tired of that, they can continue to keep us prisoners and locked down for another year or two. IF you LET them that is.

    It is always going to be something now that they know the sheeple can be so easily cowed.

  9. Libtard: “Is this mask effective against the plague?”
    Conservative: “Just keep wearing it so we can know to avoid you.”

  10. “Wait, isn’t bubonic plague the black death?”

    …can’t say “Black” in that negative connotation, that’s racist…

  11. Those people are the human equivalent of a locust plague. Everything gets devoured and it wouldn’t be surprising to find at some point they develop a taste for each other. Absolutely nothing is off the menu.

  12. Uh oh, here we go again. 🙄
    Why don’t they just name the newest virus, flu, disease, after Trump. He gets blamed for everything else. 😬


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