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China Is Kicking Our Fat Woke Ass

This milestone didn’t get much play on TV or in the nation’s largest publications. And don’t expect that to change. The New York Times did deign to mention America’s stunning drop in life expectancy. Of course, they predictably gloated that whites’ life expectancy fell by more than non-whites’ in 2021 due to whites’ collective stupidity:

In 2021, the shortening of life span was more pronounced among white Americans than among Black Americans, who saw greater reductions in the first year of the pandemic.

“The white population did worse in 2021 than communities of color, besides Native American and Alaska Natives,” Dr. Woolf said. “I think that’s very telling: It reflects the greater efforts by Black and Hispanics to get vaccinated, to wear masks and take other measures to protect themselves, and the greater tendency in white populations to push back on those behaviors.”

The Washington Post and other publications displayed similar contempt for the American people. To these odious outlets, data regarding America’s decay was only interesting if it related to the supposed battle between bad races (white) and good ones (not white).

In the London-based Financial Times, British journalist Edward Luce marveled at America’s passivity in the face of indisputable decline:

Falling life expectancy is the last thing you would expect on a worry list about US national security. Yet when it is dropping as fast as it is in the US — Americans live almost five years less than the wealthy country average — even the Pentagon has to sit up. At 76, Americans now live shorter lives than their peers in China and only a year longer than the citizens of supposedly benighted Mexico. People in Japan, Italy and Spain, on the other hand, can expect to live until around 84. Your people’s longevity is the ultimate test of a system’s ability to deliver. Yet neither Democrats nor Republicans, presidents or legislators, seem too bothered.

America’s leaders are happy to treat China as a villain. They’re happy to blame economic decline on Chinese IP theft, and they’re happy to blame overdoses on Chinese fentanyl. But they are in no hurry to confront a more essential and damning truth: China’s elites care more about their own citizens, and deliver more on their behalf, than America’s own discredited ruling class.

That may sound shocking, but it shouldn’t surprise any of us.

Those who have reported on America’s decline at all hasten to blame it primarily on Covid-19, however, the pandemic constitutes only a woefully incomplete explanation at best, and an outright immoral one at worst. For one, life expectancy actually dropped in 2015 and 2017 as well, when “Corona” was still just a Mexican beer. Blaming Covid for America’s collapsing life expectancy is a copout, an effort to pass off the regime’s willful destruction of American lives as an uncontrollable act of God.

But still, there’s no reason to downplay the ruling class’ culpability for Covid deaths. America has been more vulnerable than most countries to the virus because its population is obese and chronically unhealthy.But the morally warped denizens of America’s ruling class refuse to treat obesity as a true crisis. If the ruling class had encouraged fat Americans to lose 20 (or 50, or 150) pounds with the same intensity they brought to harassing small businesses or complaining about racism, far more lives could have been saved. But instead, the only lesson drummed into the heads of Americans is that fat shaming is evil. read more

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  1. “It reflects the greater efforts by Black and Hispanics to get vaccinated…”

    I thought vaccination rates among Blacks and Hispanics was far less than for white Americans. I need to do some fact checking.

  2. I don’t doubt American’s life expectancy is decreasing; our average height is also decreasing, as is our average IQ, all thanks to being flooded with third world invaders.

  3. Meh.

    ChyNah, ChyNah, ChyNah!

    They will NEVER be able to duplicate the Technology in Stacy “Da Tank” Abram’s Titanium Reinforced High Heels to keep that Buffalo Upright.

  4. Who would trust chynah’s published mortality numbers.
    I’m sure it doesn’t include all those who died by genocide…

  5. Jethro is spot on. My effort to continue the eternal feud, Sometimes engineers are right and don’t need machinists. LOL.
    Join me at my gym at 5:30 am in the morning. Go to any gym early morning. Go to any gym late night.
    We’ve always had people trying to kill themselves with food. The Tank is a good example. Real Americans, mothers of three and four, get up at Zero Dark Thirty, hubby hits it after work. If anything the fitness craze is expanding. So yes, the woke shit gives people like the Tank an excuse. Her and all the fat out of shape morbidly obese swim suit models on Sport Illustrated. Where’s the spot in dying young of a heart attack?
    Anyway, my point is don’t by into this shit. The last thing the Chicoms want to face is one of “US”.

  6. My daughter’s in-law was telling her about a local insurance agent that he asked if he was seeing an increase in deaths as large firms were claiming.
    He said in this state alone they are up 40% compared to pre-plandemic and up 25% compared to numbers pre-jab, post plandemic.

    Oncologist said all types of cancers are up as well as cancers spreading faster and cancers reoccurring more than in the past. He’s not one though that will even let his mind go there about the jab. To him it’s just a mystery. He was so smart about masks but dumb as rocks about the jab.

    So life expectancy is going to drop even farther.

    You know it’s getting bad when even a left paper like the Atlantic is reporting on the jab.


    YOU GO GIRL!!!


  8. The concerted effort by the U.S. gubmint to dull the senses and ruin the health of citizens through upside down food pyramids and fat acceptance along with the normalization of mental illness is going great! Depopulation and control are driving the nwo.

  9. @Tony R September 24, 2022 at 7:25 pm

    > flooded with third world invaders

    “Flooding” requires rule by “others”.

    Surely America(TM) is ruled by Americans(TM)! No?

  10. China owns the majority of the world’s most popular apps. They strictly censor the hedonistic bullshit in China and magnify and amplify the stream of noxious soul destroying satanic slop into the veins of the Western world.


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