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China Moves to Scrap Presidential Terms, Cementing Xi Jinping’s Stranglehold on Power

BREITBART:China’s Communist Party (CPC) proposed removing term limits on the office of the presidency Sunday, a move that will make it easier for Communist Party general secretary, Central Military Commission chairman, and President Xi Jinping to keep all three of those titles indefinitely.

Chinese state news outlet Xinhua reported that the CPC Central Committee has introduced a series of new amendments to communist law to be debated and implemented in an upcoming session, which also included the formal addition of Xi’s totalitarian philosophy, “Xi Jinping Thought,” into the Chinese Constitution.

The constitutional amendment on term limits would change the phrase limiting presidents to two terms to: “The term of office of the President and Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China is the same as that of the National People’s Congress.”

National People’s Congress members are elected every five years, the same as the president and vice-president. Chinese law does not state that they are limited in how many times they can pursue election to seats in the congress.

Xi was elected president of the CPC in 2013 and is up for re-election this year, which experts believe he will handily achieve. During his tenure, he has pursued increasingly authoritarian policies – even within the context of the repressive Chinese communist state. Among those policies are a widespread corruption crackdown that has resulted in thousands of Communist Party members behind bars, a war on religion in which he has successfully co-opted the Chinese Catholic Church and promoted a new successor to the Dalai Lama, and an economic plan for world domination known as “One Belt One Road.”  MORE HERE

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  1. Nine years ago, The authoritarian Left would have been whining, “Why can’t we have that here?” Now, they all tell horror stories about the Forever President.

  2. Xi Jinping is a special leader

    See? This is why term limits are badthink. All pols are special. The people need to worship them. It gives their petty lives meaning. Thank you pols.

  3. So since we’re turning back the clock, is “The Thought” to be referred to as Chairman? You know, without the masculinity of the Murderous Mao? Peking instead of Beijing!

  4. It’s as good as admitting the party in China has run out of gas and ideas so they’re just going to turn things over to this guy for fear his replacement will just screw things up worse.

    He probably scared them all by into making him president for life threatening that only he’s the only one that can deal with Trump for 7 more years.

  5. “[T]he Trump administration, which has warned the globe that China uses ‘predatory’ lending and economic negotiations to colonize developing economies.”

    Stop! Stop! I’m gonna’ pee!

  6. @PHenry, O’s still out there in the shadows trying to continue to eff things up from the sidelines. We won’t be rid of him that easily.

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