China Officially Declares George Soros a ‘Global Terrorist’ – He’s ‘the Son of Satan’ – IOTW Report

China Officially Declares George Soros a ‘Global Terrorist’ – He’s ‘the Son of Satan’

Well, yeah! Duh. Takes one to know one.

Neon Nettle-

China has officially declared far-left billionaire George Soros a “global terrorist.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) made the announcement in China’s government-controlled state media, where it labeled Soros as “the son of Satan.”

The CCP is accusing Soros of funding anti-China propaganda while attempting to usher in his global agenda.

An article, published in CCP mouthpiece The Global Times, accuses Soros of funding Hong Kong’s jailed newspaper owner and publisher Jimmy Lai.

It alleges that Soros is funding Lai to promote anti-Beijing protests, most notably the 2019 demonstrations.

The article titled, “This global economic terrorist is staring at China!,” claims that Soros and his Open Society Foundations-financed Human Rights Watch are running a campaign to spread “rumors” against China. more

27 Comments on China Officially Declares George Soros a ‘Global Terrorist’ – He’s ‘the Son of Satan’

  1. Good, maybe the chicoms will have better luck eliminating him and his offspring from the earth since the west seems to just take his money and roll over for him.

  2. Make sure you get his WHOLE FAMILY, Xi.

    Other than that, we’re good with it.

    …interesting that they say “son of satan”, because if there’s a satan there’s a God, and the ChiComs are SUPPOSED to not have any of that there stuff like religion and belief and such…

  3. I’m fantasizing a megabattle ala Mothra v Godzilla, how ’bout you?

    Ending in a locked hold in which they take each other down and drown in the sea, never to be heard or seen again.


  4. He’s not just the “Son Of Satan,” he’s the GLOBAL Son Of Satan!


    He’s also not long for this global world. I’m standing by…

  5. Kinda sad when the commies start to make more sense than the Socialist Jr. Varsity Commies.

  6. All this time I thought Soros was doing China’s bidding. He must have messed up somewhere. As a side note, considering how much he appears to have screwed over others I’m surprised no one has done a “007” on him.

  7. It’s hard to believe the old fart is still kicking….must be some genetic engineering somewhere.

    He’s just as evil as he is old.

  8. Never trust the Chi-coms.
    They are PRETENDING to hate him as another DIVERSION from the fact that they are BOTH on the same page when it comes to destroying America.
    Most likely working TOGETHER!

  9. He complains about the lack of transparency in financial dealings in China.
    I find that interesting.
    Soros is infamous for manipulating currencies. He has almost crashed numerous countries.
    He probably wants to crash China’s in his bid to rule the world and he can’t because it’s so difficult to see or know exactly how the CCP operates.

  10. I don’t trust either one of them. Put them together in a cage match and have Trump be the announcer. But please vaccinate them first and make them wear a mask.

  11. Why don’t the Chi Coms just invent a Soros covid variation and send it to him via Piglosi when she visits him for a connubial visit?

  12. Mr. Anth Ropy, Soros and Pelosi entwined together (gross!) would be a great twofer. A double snag. A two lop. And a chance for advancement…

  13. And, Nancy Pisslousey is now pissing blood. My Ma always told me that “God works in mysterious ways”. She was so right. Rats always eat each other…


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