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China opens police station in New York City


The People’s Republic of China has established an “overseas police service station” in New York City to monitor Chinese nationals in the United States, according to a human rights group.

Watchdog group Safeguard Defenders asserted that Beijing had established “110 overseas stations” to monitor its citizens abroad, per the New York Post. A total of 54 are police stations, most of which exist in Europe. more

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  1. “Monitor” – that’s funny.

    We have surrendered our sovereignty.

    Or, rather, our Traitors have surrendered our sovereignty.
    Just as in the days when Traitors would open the gates of a besieged city to the enemy, our Traitors are doing the same – though we’re not besieged.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. “We” haven’t surrendered our sovereignty.
    The douche nozzles who sold their souls to the Chinese who hold positions in US Govt surrendered sovereignty.
    They don’t give a fly rat’s butt. They figure they’ll be dead or protected when the CCP starts trying to rule us.

  3. Unless these Chinese (CCP) “police” stations are within the walls of a Chinese embassy (sovereign territory), the police stations are fair game for whatever mayhem, havoc, and confusion that the sovereign citizens of NY USA deign to inflict upon them.

  4. Chinga, Chinky, Chinga …
    tu madre es cabrone …
    chinga, chinky, chinga …
    She won’t leave me alone …
    la, la, la, la.

  5. The funny thing about Chicoms is when you shoot one between the eyes, you want to shoot another one between the eyes a half hour latter.

  6. When people, foreign and domestic allegedly commit “crimes” against the CCP foreign start disappearing in that area of NY, look no further than the enemy in the gate – the CCP Regional Office, NYC.
    Our sovereignty has been compromised for long time now. China just wants everyone to know who is finally taking down the United States of America.


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