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China Practices Bombing Their Best Customer (Us)

Pentagon report warned Congress that China’s bomber fleet is training to attack our overseas bases and allies. The Chinese are using their newly developed South China Seas island bases to practice long range maritime navigation in preparation to strike targets like Hawaii and Guam. More

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  1. Right.
    Is China going to bomb the USA?

    Uncle Sam is having a huge military build up too.

    CNN is scaring old ladies again, no, still.

  2. We fought hard for China in WWII and provided critical support. Our thanks was delivered when Mao took over and declared us their enemy. You just can’t trust snakes.

  3. Any current/recent military guys here? Do our armed forces have exercises that simulate attacking China? We probably should be.

  4. @Bad_Brad – Yep, one. And it’s got no catapult, rather it uses that funny-looking ski jump system. That means no heavy aircraft take-offs. It also has limited radar and aircraft control systems and has to rely on land-based AWACS-like planes to coordinate activities. In other words, yeah, it is an aircraft carrier, BUT…

  5. whatever they might do, thy’d have to do it very fast and intensely.
    They can’t provide their own food or energy needs beyond a 90 day window, should they become isolated.

    I’m more concerned with google and apple becoming so close to them. The people of china are already blinded to world events, much like NK, and they want to tighten the information noose further. They’d like to bring that noose here, too.

  6. The only reason China works right now is all the western support. Cut that off and the entire system falls back to 1950’s communist misery within four years.
    Think about it. The genius central planners built multiple “ghost cities” in barren regions using all that money they got selling their crap to us, anticipating we would keep buying more and more. They didn’t let organic, capitalistic driven growth build their economy – they faked it. The people of China still can’t afford the stuff they make for us. If the western gravy train is cut off the financial support for that upside-down economy dries up and it collapses like a house of cards.

  7. I’d be willing to bet that any of us who served in the Navy back in the 60’s and 70’s and made a WestPac tour to SE Asia at one time or another came into contact or saw some of these Chinese islands like the Sprattley’s etc., especially when in transit in the South Chinese Sea between Vietnam and the Philippines. And now the Chicoms want to fight us over these contested international waters so they can have full possession of Asia and the Pacific Ocean. I don’t think it will work any more than it did for the Japs in World war 2 especially if the US Navy and Marines have anything to say about it. These are international waters vital for sea transportation of all goods and services coming from SE Asia, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc. and will not be allowed to be taken over by the Chicoms for their benefit to the detriment of the rest of the Western world like the US and Europe. God forbid if we have to fight once again in this part of the world but we will if forced to protect freedom of the seas. And our Navy and Marines are far better than theirs, hopefully.

  8. And WE paid for whatever capability they have with our trade deficits. They stole almost all of the technology.


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