China’s in Real Trouble

Mark Stys explains how tariffs hurt China.

4 Comments on China’s in Real Trouble

  1. There is one country that is doing well right now, and that is USA. All the others are languishing – the investment advisor I see once a quarter (for a committee I sit on) says so. Trump’s tariff battles with China and others is a relatively minor inconvenience for Americans, and devastating to the countries on the other side. Particularly China.
    Only difference is that we have a media that is motivated by Orange Man Bad syndrome to scream ‘The Sky is Falling!!!’ all day long.

  2. The fact that China has been given a pass for all these years by weak leadership it has given them the idea that they’ve been brilliantly outdoing the U.S. in the world of international business.
    Well I guess they realize how wrong you’ve been, the entire world can now see that they’re nothing but Trump’s bitch.

  3. Keep thinking of Japan back in the 80’s getting cocky about taking over the west coast, overextending, and then eating shit when the bill came due.
    Those unintended consequences are a bitch.


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