Chinese Balloons Over Latin America – IOTW Report

Chinese Balloons Over Latin America

Geller Report: Nearly identical Chinese spy balloons have been dispatched by the Chinese military into the airspace of Japan and India and the Philippines and in at least one case, probably all cases, at least one we know of, over a military installation. So, Chinese spy balloons are actually kind of expensive to make and there’s a diplomatic risk in deploying them over other country’s airspaces. more

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  1. Not sure how excited to ne anout this…U.S. “weather balloons” have been flying for about 100 years. Do you expect anyone to buy that these were all about weather?

    Before that there were kites carrying atmospheric equipmemt.

    Now lets talk altitudes, as there are existing treaties that allow “flyover” at altitudes (satellites for an extreme example).

    Let’s recall the Reagan era concept of “trust but verify” with the Soviets. You don’t suppose the CCP got a piece of the action too?

    While I have no doubt about the Brandon Reicht’s ability to screw America at every opportunity, for his 10% of course.

    So, what is it they are hiding while they distract us with this “pretty thing?”

  2. Don’t trust on the Joe Biden nitwit to do anything useful. That guy won’t even do as much as secure our borders and neither will he on our skies. Five days staring open-mouthed stupidly upwards with nary an action from the slob.

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