Chinese Bank Tech Gets 10 1/2 Year Penalty For Making Late Night Withdrawals

What would you do? As a lowly senior programmer for a large bank you notice that the institution’s ATM machines aren’t properly recording withdrawals at just before midnight. Would you…

a.) Tell your employer immediately.

b.) Put together a crack team of programmers to quickly fix the problem.

c.) Study the problem by doing a series of “experiments” by making late night withdrawals into a dummy account for over a year, then transferring the money to an account you control and invest some of the skimmed in the stock market.

If you answered “c” then, like Qin Qisheng, you better hope bank investigators never catch on to your private “research” effort. More 

10 Comments on Chinese Bank Tech Gets 10 1/2 Year Penalty For Making Late Night Withdrawals

  1. Awww, man. Too bad he didn’t transfer some of that stolen money to the Clinton Foundation. He’d go Scot free.

  2. Sorry, Qisheng, “Ca-ching” is the sound you’re not gonna hear.

    If he’d left the money alone for a few years, he just might have got away with it, but he “confessed” by playing the market.

  3. Sum thin wong fo shu
    Something I never knew. I made a withdrawal last month from an ATM
    In the middle of the transaction my phone rang, It was my wife. She wanted me to pick up a pizza on the way home. No problem. So I drove away without extracting my ATM card. Realizing my error I stopped and walked back to the machine. There was a lady at the ATM. She said. “yes your card was there in the slot, I didn’t know what to do so I just honked at you. and then it disappeared.”
    Never knew it but the machine sucks up cards. That’s a great help for idiots like me. I was issued a new card. Amazing the help we get in this country and we don’t seem to appreciate it.
    Yes Joe 6pak. The Donald is on fire. 64 percent approval after tonight MAGA Baby!

  4. I once got an unexpected visit at my home from “bank investigators” for having noticed a card skimmer at a bank ATM, removing it and placing it at the door of the bank for their viewing the next morning! The “investigators” wanted to know how I knew what it was and I said I read about them in the recent news (it was about 4 or 5 years ago this happened) About a month later the bank (a multi-state national bank) issued all new cards and PIN numbers. Me: the good citizen “If you see something, say something” or like the shake and bake commercials, “and I hepped!”

  5. Years ago, when I’d hit the ATM, my usual withdrawal was $40. I was even able to setup a “quick cash” button to get my $40 upon hitting it after my PIN.

    One day, I decided I needed $10 extra, so I entered in $50. Out came 3 $20 bills.

    Since I worked for the bank, I called customer service and explained the problem. They informed me it couldn’t happen and that if the machine gave me too much money, it would eventually reconcile. It never did.

    It was only $10, but since they insisted I was seeing things, I told some other people. There was a whole team of people that ate lunch for free for almost 2 weeks.


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