Chinese Gene Editing May Have Created Mutation Not Immunity

Channel News Asia

The gene-editing performed on Chinese twins last year meant to immunise them against HIV may have failed in its purpose and created unintended mutations, scientists said on Tuesday (Dec 3) after the original research was made public for the first time.

Excerpts from the manuscript were released by the MIT Technology Review for the purpose of showing how Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui ignored ethical and scientific norms in creating the twins Lula and Nana, whose birth in late 2018 sent shockwaves through the scientific world.

He made expansive claims of a medical breakthrough that could “control the HIV epidemic”, but it was not clear whether it had even been successful in its intended purpose – immunising the babies against the virus – because the team did not in fact reproduce the gene mutation that confers this resistance. More

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  1. Democrats were quick to pile on the Chinese, calling them “Southern Deplorables”.

    “The idea that any reputable scientist would name the kids LulaGene and NanaGene is horrible” said a Democratic party spokesperson. “We think this is just another obvious reason why we need to impeach Trump”.

    Republicans, speechless at this all too common skewering of simple reasoning ability, had no comment.

  2. Unintended mutations? I’m shocked……shocked I tell ya! Don’t worry the ChiComs will work on it until it’s right or until everyone is dead.

  3. The Chinks are typical Socialists; they never think ahead to what the consequences of their actions could be. Then when the inevitable screwup occurs, they try another half-baked idea that makes the problem worse. I don’t know if we’ll get zombies but I’m darn sure the next world pandemic will come from there. Reference Spanish Influenza 1918

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