Chinese Migrant Worker Contracts Hantavirus, Dies on Bus


A man in China has died after testing positive for the hantavirus, according to Chinese state media. Global Times reported the patient, a migrant worker from southwestern Yunnan Province, died while traveling on a chartered bus to Shandong Province for work on Monday.

There is more than one strain of hantavirus, some more harmful than others, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There is no approved cure or vaccine against hantaviruses in the United States. An inoculation may be available in China.

The group of diseases is spread primarily among rodents, and from rodents to humans. Humans may become infected with hantaviruses through contact with rodent urine, saliva or feces. The fatality rate is 36 percent. More

So far, the Year of the Rat has not been all that auspicious for China. – Dr. Tar

7 Comments on Chinese Migrant Worker Contracts Hantavirus, Dies on Bus

  1. OH BOY! Lotto rats in LA & San Fran…….
    What could go wrong,I mean with high quality
    honest demorat libtards in charge…..

  2. Okay, hysteria for one virus is subsiding, so it’s time to stoke the fears of another one? Please, people.

  3. It’s not a spready flu thing like Corona.
    Once in a while we get in on the border with Mexico. I think even AZ and NM got it a few years ago (During 0bama) last I saw. It kills quick if you don’t get treatment. 1 in 3 chances of dying of destroyed lungs.
    No vaccine.
    Have to go in and murder the rats that have it. You can get it from their feces or pee. Super gross.
    You should always be careful around rats anyway.

  4. MJA, border patrol has for decades been catching them where I live in southeast Michigan. They come usually across the river or people try to smuggle them in their vehicles from Canada. We have a very heavily staffed Customs and immigration station in my county with about 60 enforcement vehicles. This has been going on with the Chinese for a long time.

  5. Cleaning out auction estates and lockers our number one fear was always hantavirus. After coming across more rat shit than I’d like to admit we managed to stay clean. That shit is nothing to mess with.

  6. My sister was just telling me about this and then we remembered when it showed up in the Battleford region of Saskatchewan a few years ago. Basically, Agriculture Saskatchewan took a flamethrower to the farm and blasted everything to “smithereens”. This was because the farm worker died from inhaling the dried poop of mice/rats.


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