Chinese-Owned TikTok, WeChat Have 45 Days To Sell Or Leave United States

Federalist: TikTok has 45 days from Thursday to find a buyer for its U.S. operations or the popular social media site will be banned, according to an executive order signed by President Trump on Thursday evening. He signed another order later that evening enacting a similar ban on WeChat, a social network, messaging platform, and forum for online payments.

National security concerns have circled these platforms for months, due to both companies being owned by Chinese entities. TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese tech company, which has joint ventures with state-run entities. WeChat is owned by Chinese tech company Tencent, which faces accusations of censoring private conversations. Both face accusations of censoring content that is politically undesirable for the Chinese Communist Party and sharing user data with the Chinese government.

In regards to the accusations of censorship, and its associated risks, the executive order against TikTok states: MORE

6 Comments on Chinese-Owned TikTok, WeChat Have 45 Days To Sell Or Leave United States

  1. So the Chinese can bully internet companies in China, ban and block whatever they want, but if anyone else bans them in return, the Chinese throw a fit about it.

    BAN ALL CHINESE, their products, and electronic products from America. Let them sell and travel to communist countries. They are a militaristic entity masquerading as a political party.

  2. I see. It’s not ok for chinese companies to censor, but american companies can censor till the cows come home. (and at the urging of elected democrats)

    I think what they’re really concerned about is that republicans might get to talk on tik tok and democrats might get censored.


    In other news, we’ve had to listen to ‘we must be led by the science’ non stop for the last four months, and now an appeals court in Florida rules that kids who have the delusion that they are the opposite sex must be allowed in the bathroom they want to go in. How come these judges are not required to be ‘led by the science’?

    This is not a political battle. This is a war and our side is not fighting.

  3. The US deep state is not afraid that the chinese gov’t will be able to spy on people. The US deep state is afraid that the US deep state will not be able to spy on people that use Chinese equipment. The notion that the US govt and deep state want americans to be able to have privacy and be free from spying, is so ludicrous its ridiculous.

    We don’t know whether the chinese govt has access to our personal data or not. But you can be damn sure the US deep state has access to it and the US deep state will use it for their own nefarious purposes, too.

  4. But we never give the illegally invading rat-people that order?

    I don’t know … sounds ray-cyst!

    izlamo delenda est …


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