Chinese Police Patrolling European Tourist Destinations

Daily Caller

Chinese police have appeared patrolling the streets in several European cities. They have appeared in cities like Paris, Rome, and Milan to protect and provide assistance to Chinese tourists.

However, while China claims that the presence of the officers is to provide assistance to Chinese tourists traveling abroad, many of the countries in which the officers are stationed are also closely tied to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.


17 Comments on Chinese Police Patrolling European Tourist Destinations

  1. And they are a constant threat reminder that no matter
    how far they run the commies are there to snatch
    them back or sell the body parts of family members
    who are still back home and trapped by their social
    value watchdogs.
    The belt is to punish and the road is to hell.

  2. Greece’s recent ‘win-win’ with the ChiCom Chairman is worrying. Ports ( U.S. Military) and MedGas with the OBOR garbage is the squid joe blow. Hey Pyatt, what are you doing in Athens?

  3. @Kcir

    “So WW2 was basically waste of time.”

    ww2 was fought to make europe safe for stalin and china safe for mao. communists won the 20th century. looks like they’re going to win the 21st
    century too.


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