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Chinese surveillance balloon detected over Montana

Military Times-

The North American Aerospace Defense Command is tracking a high-altitude Chinese surveillance balloon floating over the U.S., the Pentagon confirmed Thursday, but there are no plans to shoot it down.

The balloon is floating above commercial air traffic and doesn’t present a threat to anything on the ground currently, Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder told reporters.

“Instances of this kind of balloon activity have been observed previously over the past several years,” Ryder said. “Once the balloon was detected, the U.S. government acted immediately to protect against the collection of sensitive information.

A senior defense official declined to say how long the government had been tracking the balloon, and declined to elaborate on previous known instances of spy balloons floating over the U.S., saying only that the government is confident the balloon belongs to China and that it has lingered over U.S. air space for a longer period of time than previous balloons.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Army Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck, the head of Northern Command, advised President Biden on Wednesday not to shoot the balloon down, over concerns that debris could cause casualties on the ground.


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  1. It’s hard to get in your outfit and drive an hour w/out driving past a misleading silo in Montana. Just saying.

  2. What the hell are we doing about it? Not a damn thing! What is wrong with us? Shoot the damn thing down and demand an apology from China for invading our airspace! We are just screwed, China owns our politicians and our military.

  3. Biden wanted to shoot it down and his chickenshit Generals overruled him because they were afraid it might cause collateral damage on the ground. What’s that balloon gonna hit or land on in Montana, not much of anything, a few cows maybe.

  4. BS. Swallowell was sleeping with Fang Fang, the Chinese are allowed to purchase land in close proximity to our military bases and the pentagon refuses to shoot said balloon down? Look over here at the shiny object…

  5. “…but there are no plans to shoot it down.”
    Of course not, with Joey and Mark Milley running things. Must not upset their chicom overlords.

  6. Is it:

    (a) Swamp gas reflecting off of Venus?
    (b) A harmless weather balloon?
    (c) A surveillance platform to detect military activity?
    (d) A dirty bomb ready to wipe-out whole states?
    (e) A bio-weapon that could kill half the country?
    (f) A floating cell phone tower serving Chinese businessmen.

    Of course, the correct answer is (f). Chinese real estate agents were receiving poor service before the balloon’s arrival. Noting wong. You move along now, okay.

  7. Hello Loco
    From the Darkside From NOVEMBER 10, 2022 AT 14:43 AM.

    ” . . . I’m fucking done
    D O N E !
    . . .
    Sorry Don, I’m FUCKING OVER YOU!!!”
    . . .
    F U C K Y O U D_____________P!
    . . .
    * * 6 UPVOTES * * ie DAVEVA etc

    Above Direct Quotes

    So Loco, You back on the Trump Train?
    hmmmm…. interesting.

  8. Carlos the Jackal
    FEBRUARY 2, 2023 AT 8:32 PM
    “NORAD, the guys that can track Santa on Christmas Eve, but not our enemies.
    Got it.”

    …They can track their enemies, the Citizens of the United States, just fine.

    The Chinese are their masters.

    Not their enemies.

  9. The people running things, (it’s not Biden…duh) are all commies. They probably are seeing checks in the mail or new iphones for the family for not doing anyrhing.

  10. There are plenty of TDS feathers to ruffle in the IOTW coop. Atleast they are’nt cackling over mean balloon tweets.

  11. Surveillance doesn’t make sense as they can do that with satellites. Japanese used the same type setup during WW2 trying to cause disruption and with hopes of causing forest fires by sending balloons with detachable bombs. What’s the balloon carrying and what could it be releasing?

  12. Come on…Who really believes that ballon is from China? Or Russia, or Canada, or anywhere else but the bowels of our IC. Please. Remember JLENS? That was literally a trial balloon.

  13. A balloon travels where the wind takes it and it travels at the same speed as the wind.
    If it can go where directed an hover in one spot, it is not an ordinary balloon.

  14. The Balloons. Yes there’s two now. “As long as three school buses”. I think the meant diameter but whatever. The reason they’re not shooting them down is because they’re afraid they’re full of biologics.

  15. With this circus of an administration, and the stupid clown at the helm, I’m not shocked there would be a few balloons.

  16. Xiden’s CCP Spy Ballon is on tour. Next stop, North Carolina. A red state with purple and blue streaks hat isn’t patriotic or brave enough to at least attempt to shoot that communist contraption out of the sky. The Feds obviously are compromised by the CCP. Looks like no state has the guts to defend their territory or residents.

    Sooo…The CCP will continue to surveying our populations and military facilities, collecting all kinds of data, studying our land mass, and looking for anything they haven’t bought yet. Welcome to a “woke”, eyes wide shut United States of America.

  17. The Xiden Admin. might be waiting for the CCP bioweapon/spy or Fed “squirrel” balloon to float over the Atlantic Ocean (the course it’s on) before Xiden’s handlers consider destroying it…Sure right – not likely. Plenty of excuses will arise not to defend our nation against foreign and domestic enemies.


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