Chinese tracking each other’s every move to give gov’t info for ‘social credit score’

American Military News: In a further move to control its citizens, China is testing a “social credit system” that connects a person’s privileges to their social behaviors.

The idea was announced in 2014 and the government plans to enact it nationwide in 2020, according to Business Insider.

A new video released Wednesday by VICE shows a glimpse into what the social credit system looks like in action, including real-time consequences for those who don’t meet the government’s standard of good citizenship.

The video follows a woman who acts as a neighborhood watcher, one who scours the neighborhood to journal the good and bad behaviors of those in the community.

Her work is done in a city of 3,000 people – one of the first cities to test the social credit program.

The journal is then sent to a government office, where an employee assigns a score to each entry, and the good or bad deed becomes published for all to view.

Notoriety is reaped by those who perform good deeds, while shame comes to those who do bad deeds.

However, shame and recognition aren’t the only outcomes of scoring social behavior.

Their very privileges in society are in jeopardy should their social credit become compromised.

The video highlights one man whose good deed of returning a wallet earned him material rewards, in addition to the possibility of discounts on utilities and access to lower rate loans.

In contrast, another man is highlighted struggling with a “B” social credit score after a court blamed him for a friend’s nonpayment on a cosigned loan.

As a consequence of his less-than-ideal score, he was denied the privilege of purchasing high-speed train tickets. Instead, he was forced to triple his commute time by riding the bus. MORE

17 Comments on Chinese tracking each other’s every move to give gov’t info for ‘social credit score’

  1. We already have this in embryonic form in Twitter censorship, deplatforming on YouTube, etc as well as mobbing and shout downs by Antifa types, viz Tucker Carlson’s house siege. It’s the future.

  2. Well, I can only think of several hundred nosy people I know who would jump at a chance for this job.

    My score would be difficult to calculate. 2:30 p.m. – Wyatt rescued a neighbor’s cat from a tree. 4:30 p.m. – Wyatt took the cat home, cooked and ate it. 6:00 p.m. – Wyatt disposed of the cat remains in the proper receptacle. That should result in a positive score, right?

  3. And if you speak out against the new social system?

    And what about the old saying, “A Billion Chinese can’t be wrong!” ?

    I’m sure some American Liberal will say they need a ‘three strikes law’ before disappearing people.


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