Chinese Virologist Charges China With Creating COVID In A Lab And Releasing It Intentionally – IOTW Report

Chinese Virologist Charges China With Creating COVID In A Lab And Releasing It Intentionally


The Chinese scientist who alleges that the coronavirus that has spread throughout the world was man-made emerged for an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Dr. Li-Meng Yan came forward recently to allege that the coronavirus was a lab-manufactured disease that did not come from nature and that the wet market story was a “smoke screen” aimed to pivot attention away from this virus’ apparent release. Dr. Yan said that this virus was China’s Frankenstein monster. Carlson asked about China’s motives in creating this virus if it is man-made, which Dr. Yan said you’d have to ask the Chinese Communist Party. More

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  1. You can also ask our democrat party too. This virus has accomplished their top agenda items, thrown chaos into this election, enriched many of them beyond their wildest dreams and given them complete control over the population.

  2. I’m not sure Tucker and Dr. Li-Meng were communicating as effectively as they would like. It seemed like she didn’t exactly answer a couple questions that Tucker asked. She released a multi page paper a couple days ago that I can’t make heads or tails out of. She knows a lot about something, but someone other than her is going to have to explain it to me.

  3. It was hard to understand what she said. The gist of it was that the virus is like a cow with a rabbit’s head and a dog’s feet. Something that is impossible to occur in nature. It really does not matter if she has cold, hard, proof of her allegation. The deep state will say she is full of shit regardless of her evidence.


    Now we find out that the special council did have Lisa Page’s phone after they said they didn’t have it back in ’17. And that somebody wiped it before it eventually turned up much later.

    22 of the 90 phones in the special council’s possession were wiped clean so nobody could be investigated. Anyone in the private sector would be looking at the slammer. But the republicans in the senate and our republican doj will not do a damn thing about it. Oh, other than issue a very strongly worded statement about how this had better never happen again.

    Republican voters are under the halucination that electing republicans will save them from something. The republican party will not save us from jack shit.

  4. joe6pak – Tucker asked her HOW she thought the virus got out, how the chinese got it spread around the world.
    She didn’t answer. And I thought he asked that question in a way she could understand it.

  5. MJA, I did to. She either didn’t quite understand, or she was dodging to question. I was waiting for the answer and it never came. I was surprised Tucker didn’t re-phrase the question and try again.

  6. She was basically saying that the original virus couldn’t have mutated to it’s present stage naturally. It took manipulation using gene splicing with another virus from a completely different source. Months ago I read that same conclusion was reached from a scientific lab based in the Netherlands.
    She may have her own motivations but I’m not clear why the other lab would falsify results too.

  7. I think the bottom line is that we will never be able to PROVE this was or was not manipulated in the lab, nor PROVE it was accidentally or intentionally spread.

    BUT, isn’t it a convenient coincidence that this happened during an election year, with the first sitting POTUS since before I was born who openly opposed the CCP? Sort of like the sub prime housing crash, and the BLM riots. . all just coincidences. So, by the law of averages isn’t our side way over due to get one of these happy “coincidences”?


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