Chinese Virus Causes Chicago Gun Crimes – Says Idiot Democrat Mayor

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blames Coronavirus for Her City’s Rising Murder Rate After Dozens of People Shot Over 4th of July Weekend (VIDEO)
Democrats never take responsibility for their failures.

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  1. I think mayor Lightfoot needs to personally go door-to-door in the “high crime” neighborhoods and confiscate all the guns.

    By the way, she must have just been to her hair dresser, because I see she is still looking her best!

  2. Unpossible.

    Chitcago’s been a gun-free UTOPIA, since 1982. Clearly the FAKE NEWS of these alleged… “gun”… deaths, are an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL right-wing, honky-devil, racist-whitey, cracka CONSPIRACY, to make glorious leader LOOK bad, and discredit the firearm-free paradise by the lake!!!


  3. What she needs to do is remind people that #1 guns are illegal in Chicago and #2 if you decide to bring your gun out be sure to put a mask on it.

  4. By blaming it on the WuFlu, they can then pivot to blaming the President because he handled it so poorly (they were against his actions before they were for them)

  5. She was going off on Trump today and his offer to help. She fell back to the standard anti gun bull shit. “If he wants to help we need expanded background checks and an assault weapons ban”. I’ve been paying attention and every murder I’ve heard about inher shot hole was committed with a handgun so how is that relevant? Her image belongs on the back of a milk carton with her IQ listed. Dumb bitch.

  6. Number two on the list of Democrat excuses for their own failures. Number one is “It’s Trump’s fault”.

  7. What she didn’t explain is that the obviously racist Chinese virus, combined with the stupidity of the people who elected her, is always a deadly potion.

  8. Can I call her a dumb ass? Okay then. Hey dumb ass, Chicongo had the worst murder rate in the nation long before the Chinese virus came along. Using your logic, Chicongo’s gun violence caused the Chinese virus. Geez, what a dumb ass. Anyone wanna make a case against political correctness and Affirmative Action, use her as Exhibit ‘A.’

  9. Where is the governor of Illinois to step in like the Governor of Georgia, declare a state of emergency, bring in the national guard, and clean up Chicago’s neighborhoods. Lorrie Lightweight can’t figure out how to do it.

  10. She also said if Trump wants to do something he should pass some common sense gun laws. As we all know those guns on the streets of Chicago, one of the tougher cities on guns, were all legally purchased. There is no law that stops criminals from being criminals and obtaining weapons.

  11. is she sure it was the kung flu?

    maybe it was oxygen that caused the uptick in gun violence

    cut off all the violence perpetrators air supply and see if they commit more violence?

    i think bubba wallace, the noosecar race card driver, has a device that will work for this experiment.

  12. First woman I ever say that made a better “Boris Karloff” than…Boris Karloff. (Especially in “The Mummy” movie)
    She wins the prize.

  13. I don’t know what her deal is but she seems to be ageing into Laurence Fishburn in The Tuskegee Airmen.

  14. Its Trump’s fault because he lets gangbangers go over to Indiana and legitimately purchase guns over there..

  15. She looks like the advance-man for the Zombie Apocalypse.
    What the f’ing hell is with those peepers?

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