Chinese Xenophobia Depicted In “How To Sort Foreign Garbage” Cartoon


While China is no stranger to xenophobia and racism, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken hostility toward foreigners to an alarming new level. Driven by a string of news stories that put foreigners in a negative light for their irresponsible behavior during the outbreak, Chinese social media has been flooded with hateful and sometimes violent comments targeting the expatriate community. Over the weekend, the intolerance reached a fever pitch with a cartoon created by WeChat blog 锦鲤青年 (Koi Youth jǐnlǐ qīngnián), which sorts foreigners who “seek special treatment and run wild” in China into various categories, and depicts them as trash to be disposed of. More

More on how of “foreign garbage” is to be sorted Here

In reality, groups like Black Africans are being evicted in various provinces. Here

h/t serpentza and laowhy86 who collaborate on ADVChina

12 Comments on Chinese Xenophobia Depicted In “How To Sort Foreign Garbage” Cartoon

  1. I seen that JOE6. Night stick to the head.
    Same for the woman that coughed on $3500
    worth of produce.

  2. They started WW3 and are bitching that they are seen as scum?

    Deport all the commies to the caldera of a live volcano. It’s the only way to be sure.

  3. 4. A foreigner who illegally enters China to avoid the outbreak at home.

    Must be about zero people per year who do this.

  4. Can’t we just fire up photoshop and rename the garbage cans “human organ harvesting” “thought crimes” and “slavery”?

    Just seems easier than global thermonuclear war.

  5. Read Pearl Buck (particularly that story of her childhood).

    The chinks were killing and spitting on foreigners 70 years ago.
    Not wholly different from musselmen, in that they’d pretend to be your friend and then kill you. No integrity. No faith. No loyalty. Slaves to whoever beats them the hardest.

    No surprises. Only romantic bullshit and Chi-Com propaganda make the chinks out to be anything other than sneaks and cut-throats.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Communist cut-throats never change. They will have to be pulled out of their hiding places and killed.

    So much for the globalist idea of taming the beast. It never had a chance and certainly won’t happen now. In the US, the blame falls on Nixon and Kissinger. They tried to do what what was unnecessary and even inimical to the interests of the western countries. In the event, they ruined the lives of millions of American workers. It could be that drugs were allowed to disperse throughout our society as a means of allowing people to forget the horrible reality of their ruined lives.

    Nixon sucks as much as the PRC for bringing this.


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