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Chipotle Closes Store Where Workers Voted to Unionize

Investment Watch: Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle has been accused of thwarting efforts by employees to unionize after the company abruptly and permanently shuttered a store in Augusta, Maine, on Tuesday.

In June, the store became the first Chipotle in America to file a petition to unionize.

It was set to hold a hearing to determine the union election process on Tuesday and has been closed to the public since Sunday, according to the union and the chain.

However, the Mexican food chain, which owns and operates nearly 3,000 U.S. stores, announced Tuesday that it was permanently closing the store, citing staffing issues; the hearing has now been postponed indefinitely.

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  1. You can either be pissed about it or learn a very important lesson.

    Depends on your mind set.

    No one owes you a single thing in life. Earn what you want. Often that means you opening your own business and dealing with the realities in life.

  2. If you want to get paid more then you need to make yourself worth more. A fact that’s as old as the oldest profession.

  3. HA HA HA HA HAAAA!!! Chipotle is about as bad as Starbucks and Burger King with their SJW pandering bullshit, and then they pull a union busting stunt like this. Oh, the fucking irony…

  4. I’ve never been a member of a union. Neither have I ever been fired because I knew my job performance was all that protected me and providing for my family was my primary concern. I did push the limit a few times to keep from being treated unfairly. It was scary sometimes but I’m glad I stood on my own two feet. Brownnosers are the worst form of human life.

  5. No, politicians are the worst form of life… brownnosers are simply sickening.


  6. I never worked in a Union shop. The place I work now moved from another state specifically to escape their union, so the union didn’t do those folks any good. UFCW tried to unionize the joint a few times, with the strongest effort being in ’08 when they lurked at all the entrances handing out propaganda in their “OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT UFCW” T-shirts, just to make sure everyone would know the sorts of people the union dues will elect. The company made it clear if they unionized on a Tuesday, the plant would be shut down on a Wednesday, so under no circumstances would it EVER be a union plant again. The organizers were generally assholes anyway, and nothing came of it. I worked with guys who came from union shops, and the reason they were THERE was because the unions got their PREVIOUS companies shut down. It wasn’t where these guys came from, but for the best known example, ask Hostess how that works out.

    Guy I knew worked for Ford in the UAW, arguably one of the strongest unions, and he had an overtime grievance in arbitration or whatever it is they do. One day they told him it was summarily dismissed because the Union traded it in exchange for Ford not firing a guy for sleeping on the job. They didn’t ask him, they just did it.

    Another guy worked at a Kroger and had to be UFCW to do so. He paid union dues, but the union would not do anything for six years and told him so, because that’s how their seniority worked, so anytime he had an issue or someone else wanted to bump him, tough shit.

    A gal I knew went from here to a union shop and couldn’t believe how much they yelled at her for trying to empty her own overflowing garbage can. That was a Union job, you see.

    At the long since closed GM Norwood plant, a guy who worked there told me a paint hose broke and the cutoff was right there, but no one was allowed to touch it because only pipefitters were allowed, so paint went everywhere until the guy showed up on his golf cart to work one valve.

    We had a Union contractor doing a machine install once, and he had a conniption when a helper tried to hand him a tool he needed across the very long machine. He told him to put it back down, walked all the way around the machine and all the way back, because that’s how union guys do it to run up the clock.

    Guy I know worked for a casket company and was a big union guy for 20 odd years, signs in his yard and everything. They fired him abruptly one day and have still not told him why, and the union has been no help at all. Glad those decades of dues paid off. He started there about the same time I did where I am, and I make 3 times as much in my non-union shop as he ever did in his union one.

    And don’t even get me started on the politics of public unions for fire departments. Let’s just say if you ain’t Black, they ain’t got your back.

    …there’s many, many more but at the end of the day, unions just seem like another layer of management, and one you have to PAY for at that, which destroys flexibilty, loses jobs, and generally causes more problems then it solves while giving your money to Communists whether you like it or not.

    If there’s anything good that comes from a union, I’ve yet to hear about it.

  7. They got in a lot of trouble for hiring illegals.
    Maybe workers with questionable sanitary habits were the reason for the e-coli.
    At any rate, reason enough to never eat there; there are too many GOOD Mexican restaurants around to eat at rather than a chain that may make you sick.

  8. Chipolte is still emerging from their serious food failure that killed a few people a few years back. I haven’t been in one for years now. This is a message to all the other Chipolte restaurants – get unionized and find yourself unemployed. Young people are learning this firsthand. I’m with you Dadof4!

  9. You need a Union to Chop Onions & Cilantro?

    Maybe You need to develop skills earlier in life that will get you the Benjamins.

    HVAC Total Package aprox: $65-$75 Canuckistan Dollars including VAC PAY, Benefits, Basic wage, Dental et… Plus a take home Truck in MOST cases. (saves min. $5,000 per year on a vehicle & Gas)

    Guess what?

    No one wants to Kneel in Pigeon Shit on a Hot Roof in Summer or Frost Their Nuts in Winter.

  10. I don’t see any need for Chipotle, especially given the state of today’s economy. You can get just as good a case of diarrhea from Taco Bell, and for a lot less.


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