Chipotle Fires St. Paul Restaurant Manager For Refusing to Serve Alleged Dine And Dashers

I won’t eat at Chipotle because they’ve consistently sickened way too many people in the past.

There are way too many other places to eat, why go to a place with a terrible track record?

That aside, the manager of a Chipotle recognized a bunch of scumbags as dine and dashers, so she refused to serve them.

Chipotle fired her. Apparently it’s racist to not let blacks do whatever the hell they want.

My decision to avoid this horrible franchise was the correct one.

He bragged on social media about being a dine and dasher, particularly at Chipotle.

Is the Masud Ali the same kid that has a record for dining and dashing?

Will this crap company apologize and give the manager her job back?

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  1. They did have the stupid logo quote on their bags years ago about everyone eating for free, no one working and everyone just loving each other.

    I stopped eating there years before they made everyone sick when it was learned they hire illegals. Any surprise they get people sick?!

  2. And judging from the name, he’s a Muslim, too. You’d think he’d respect his own religion enough not to disgrace it this way.

  3. So Shitpotle wants to prove they’re not racist by acting under the assumption that black people are incapable of behaving like law abiding, civilized people?

    Sounds counter-productive.

  4. I haven’t eaten there in years. But how does one dine and dash there? You walk down the line be and pick your stuff and at the end of the line is a cash register and you pay at the same time you get your food.
    This confuses me.

    Regular sit down restaurants are conducive to dine and dash. This arrangement isn’t.
    Please explain.

  5. Perhaps Shitpolte and Starbucks should just stop charging protected minorities for anything.

    Then we can see how long they remain in business.

  6. I think I’ve been maybe, twice? 1st time I went just to go. It wasn’t fantastic but the staff wasn’t crazy looking. Shortly before all the “we’re gonna hire illegals and muslims” stuff happened, I went again and saw the freakshow employees. I didn’t know what the guy was thinking, but maybe it’s not a good idea to have torn fingernails, etc., while you are serving food. I sat and looked at the food, picked at it. and then wrapped it back up and took it to go. Into the trash can. Never went back.

    Oh and Ulta, same goes for you. It’s pathetic to hire men to work the counters who are wearing more makeup than a drag queen. Flailing their arms, talking in a high voice with a lisp, giggling and fluttering their glued on eyelashes. Do they realize that hiring those people in a cosmetics store is insulting to the women who shop there? They think THAT is what women are. No. That ain’t it, Mr. Thing!

    Be gay. Who cares. But don’t MOCK women.

  7. so raise your hand if you’ve never done this??? I did a dine and dash in mpls after a kiss concert in 76. Buddy had a rag over his rear license plate and the 4 of us barely made it out of the reataurant alive. Dove into his convertible and did a drunken, acid tripped scuttle out of the parking lot. Didnt hit nothing.

    But now if i do a dine and dash its cuz i ate something i cant keep down, which seems to happen often

  8. I don’t know if this embedded code from twatter will work.

    Chipotle offers manager job back after firing her because a shoplifter called her racist. But she'd have to be crazy to accept–chipotle KNEW the guy admitted to stealing and aided with online bullies over her anyway. Similarly situated wrongfully terminated mgr got $8M judgment.— Luke Rosiak (@lukerosiak) November 19, 2018

    That was in response to

    Dom @Dom3Marie
    Today, I received a phone call from a Chief Communications Officer from Chipotle Mexican Grill. I have been offered my job back.


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