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Chipotle Sued for ‘300 Calorie’ Claim

LZ: Wolf down a jam-packed burrito — then sue later when the meal’s actual calorie count doesn’t match what you were told (and happily believed) it did. That’s exactly what’s happened in California.


The menu item in question at Chipotle contains chicken, pork sausage, rice, beans, and cheese — all wrapped in a tortilla.

Yet a sign in the restaurant said the menu choice contained “300 calories.” Several customers now say they ordered the item specifically because they thought they were eating a “diet” meal.

Three California-based customers who bought the burrito in Los Angeles earlier this month are suing the Mexican Grill chain, as Fox News and other outlets have reported.

City News Service said one of the people behind the proposed class-action lawsuit ordered the menu item on Nov. 3 thinking it was a 300-calorie dish.   read more

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  1. “David Desmond ‘felt excessively full and realized that the burrito couldn’t have been just 300 calories’ after eating it, per the complaint,” a piece in Fox News noted.

    There it is again…..feelings. It’s not how caloric content is measured.

  2. Is that 300 calorie count before or after it passes through your gut via explosive diarrhea resulting from E. coli ?

  3. I recently ate at a Chipotle for the first time. My butt didn’t turn into a farm sprinkler but it was sure satisfying!


    As if food poisoning and false advertising isn’t enough, they’ll refuse to cater a Christian wedding 3…2…1…

    Believe me.

  5. As I understand it, they offer a “chorizo burrito” and below its description it says “300 calories.” But the 300 calories is just the chorizo and not the rest of the burrito’s makeup: tortilla, rice, tomato, beans, cheese.

    I’d call that dishonest labeling, and that the plaintiffs deserve to win the suit and be awarded damages of, oh, let’s say $3.75. They deserve more, but they are so stupid that the court can easily get away with shafting them.

  6. What they mean is that you can bring the calorie count down to 300 by flaring off the other 1,500 calories of flammable gas, just like they do at chemical plants. Don’t forget to make sure you have your lighter handy and that your butt is not pointed toward any pets, children, indoor plants, or sensitive electronic equipment prior to ignition.

  7. The last I heard, Chipotle was owned by anti-gun progressives (that’s why campaigning Hitlery ate there once); so fuk-em.

  8. Chipotle is owned by one of the nastiest, most extreme, uber dickbag progressive asshats that’s ever existed. I’d eat dirt, first. And, probably wouldn’t get eColi, hepatitis, or norovirus.
    Steve Ells is on my top ten most hated list.

  9. How many years ago did do-gooder whiney libs make the gummit force business owners to display calorie content? Looks like one person, out of several hundred billion restaurant visits, finally read the calorie chart. Time to repeal that horse shit.
    Zero, thanks for info. Could not remember why we boycott Chipotle.

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