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Chobani Yogurt At It Again

Last year, after they aired an ad with lesbians in bed, Chobani scored the lucrative Michelle Obama Obamalunch contract.

Now the Turkish CEO is calling for more refugees to replace American workers at his factories in New York.


ht/ billy fuster

17 Comments on Chobani Yogurt At It Again

  1. I’d boycott this stuff . . . except for the fact that I hate yogurt almost as much as I hate broccoli (that vile cruciferous weed) so my boycott would mean nothing!

  2. He must like dealing with the FDA and investigations regarding e coli.

  3. 3 boys abused a little girl in some town in Idaho last week. Guess which yogurt plant has a base there?

  4. I thought I’d heard that he already replaced half/most of his workers up in his Idaho plant with quoranderthals. That must be working out so well for him, it looks like he’s going to double down with Teh Stoopid at another plant.

  5. We used to eat Chobani all the time but I will not buy it now. Enough already.

  6. We no longer buy anything that is marketed with ‘halal’ on the label. And we aren’t fooled by companies who still give the wink and nod via the dhimmi American Humane Association.

  7. I always considered ‘halal’ some kind of warning label thing.

  8. So who are the Mexicans and blacks going to side with now? I know…

  9. Never mind that nasty yogurt… the bacteria are the Moslems.

  10. I think “Streptococcus Thermophilus” is found primarily in goat semen?

  11. Listen, I want to know why people who are forbidden to eat pork have “Ham” in so many of their names? Who names their Moslem kid “Hamdi”? It’s a joke, I presume. Baloney. 🙂

  12. I boycotted Chobani just this evening at the grocery store while wearing my Swarovski crystal Trump pin on my shoulder – AND I tried to educate the man who was stocking dairy, about Chobani. He didn’t look interested at all. I think he stays in the frig section too long for his brain to function properly.

  13. If you eat yogurt, you are either a homosexual or a woman. No other choice.

  14. Heh, I eat yogurt every day.
    Keep living and you will learn why Bman.
    None of that nasty Chobama though, plain, high fat, real yogurt.
    Used to make my own but the stores stock some good stuff now.
    Fage and Cabot, two of the best.

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