Chock Full o’ Nuts

‘Fellatio cafe’ where customers receive oral sex while they drink their coffee.

  • The ‘fellatio cafe’ is set to open in Geneva, Switzerland by end of the year
  • Customers ‘would order a coffee before choosing a prostitute on an iPad’

You’ve heard of happy endings at seedy underground massage parlors—now get ready for blowjobs at coffee shops. Yeah, it’s a real thing.

At the end of this year, a new coffee shop, Fellatio Café, will open up in Geneva, Switzerland, where you can get a hot cup of joe, with a side of …. Seriously.

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What would you call this shop?




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  1. I don’t care about the name. Do you all sit at the bar sipping Covfefe while some sex worker gives you a blow job? I would actually prefer something a bit more intimate.

  2. Can you imagine what these Baristas look like in a year? Callouses on their lips, HUGE jaw muscles and big ears.

  3. Can you imagine what a health hazard that place will turn into in four months? Especially with one attendent servicing all the customers.

  4. Ya know, I’ve never liked coffee. But if one of these opened up nearby, I reckon I could learn to like it.

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