Chocolates For Your Sweetheart

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  1. I for one am glad that my Valentines Day flower deliveries are over, I pretty much drove and delivered non stop from 6 AM Sunday morning to yesterday at 3 in the afternoon. I went to Missoula, Mt. twice, once down to Lewiston Idaho and the rest all local and Coeur d’ Alene, Id. We had so many flowers on Monday that the Kalispell, Mt. route had to take 2 trucks because they had over $25,000 worth of flowers, I’m glad I don’t go to Kalispell anymore. When I got back at 3 yesterday afternoon all our staff were already gone and my self and another driver were the last ones out of the building. We’re all glad it’s over for us, now it’s the florists turn today to sell all those flowers including to the idiots at 4 or 5 this afternoon who finally realize that it’s Valentines Day and the florists are all sold out and have to go to the grocery store to get a last minute Valentines gifts otherwise they may not get laid for a while, it happens every year. We’re all glad it’s over and now for a quiet lull till Mother’s Day in May which is far busier than Valentines day is. I love and can always use the overtime for the extra hours I get this time of year.

  2. What? No F this or F that? No nasty ho references? No lesbian connotations? Where’s the sexist white manager? Where’s the banter about feminism and wokeness?

  3. Ahhhhh, when TV was actually entertaining. Watched some old episodes of The Honeymooners the other night. Gleason was a genius.

  4. nothing, she gets nothing

    and she tells me that I better not get her anything
    she doesn’t do hallmark holidays

    God, I love my girl!

  5. I don’t have a boyfriend- and my dad has passed away.
    So I guess this year it’s just gonna be me giving my mom a pair of earrings and some sees candy and then giving myself a stomachache in the process after I eat all of the ones she didn’t like (just like last year).

    Hey, at least I have a good excuse to dress up!


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