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Chris Christie ridicules GOP candidates complaining about debates

WaExaminer: Christie also received high marks for his debate performance, and like Cruz and Rubio, took his own shots at the moderators during the Boulder, Colo., faceoff. Christie has kept up the criticism of how CNBC handled the event in the days since.

chris christie
He’s big and bad.
Well, mostly big.

But the governor said he does not agree with the other campaigns who are calling for the Republican National Committee and the leading 2016 campaigns to take greater control of the process, possibly selecting only conservative talk show hosts and journalists as moderators to run future debates.  MORE

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  1. When he first came onto my radar screen facing down the NEA and then talking directly to public sector unions about their bankrupt pension plans, I liked that.

    His record in NJ is another story. Wicked high taxes. Very questionable court appointees. And spending for his “trips” and whatnot on the NJ taxpayers’ dime make him look like he’s more then ready to step into Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard’s shoes.

    Not a chance pal.

  2. Christie’s shtick is to rail against things that he “frankly doesn’t care about” or “has no time for.” A debate with chicken shit questions feeds his routine perfectly. After hurricane Sandy… “If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics then you don’t know me.” …the speaker of the house question was too trivial for a man of his seriousness.. “I quite frankly don’t care who it is because the American people don’t care,” and of course the Fantasy football outrage…

  3. To add to my comment: I’m not very knowledgeable about the Mafia. But what I do know, it seems, can be directly illustrated by government, especially under Obama.

    • citizens pay protection money to the mob (IRS?)
    • if you get out of line, they send various levels of reinforcement after you (IRS, DOJ, EPA, even the PARK SERVICE, and various criminal acting groups to burn or beat you out)
    • there is constant bickering or fighting amongst the various big mafia bosses for the main leadership (president) as well as the lower mafia bosses (various congressional members who ignore their constituents)
    • non compliant members of congress and the government are coerced, threatened blackmailed, thrown in jail, or have the media dogs set upon them and their families
    • black mail, vice, lying, huge graft, stuffing their own pockets, and on and on.

    I’m certain others more familiar with the Mafia will be able to see more correlation.

    The ONLY way we can fight it is through our vote.
    • register as an Independent (the fastest growing party)
    • vote the bastards OUT! No more chances to screw America and you
    • buy a gun and ammunition, because the restriction of guns and confiscation of them is high on their agenda as well as that of the UN.

    Obama has publicly and also sneakily invited the UN into our country. Remember his wanting the UN to monitor our voting.

    STOP the madness. Tell the GOP or Democratic parties that YOU QUIT! No more money for either of them. RIGHT NOW.

  4. The one thing I think of when viewing the republican candidates is that Trump is the snow plow. He gets right to the point and clears the way.

    He has snow plowed the path through both parties and, more hugely, through the media BS and allowed America not only the courage and ability to hear and voice their pent up, (by PC and media BS, and strong arm threats), but also allowed us the ability to really see the other candidates for what they are.

    Ted Cruz is the ONLY one to MOST CONSISTENTLY stand up and fight for America,

    Thank you, Donald Trump. And if only the snow plow is left standing against the constantly changing chameleon-like Clinton, he will have my vote. Do I want a person who had changed her stance in accordance with whomever or whatever she is standing next to? HELL NO!

  5. Right, let’s just rename the debates the gotcha bowl and let it go at that. Who needs substantive questions and answers after it has been proven that a black clown in the White Hut can be hugely entertaining and a most delightful political spectacle! Hey, RepubliRATS top that!

  6. “let’s just rename the debates the gotcha bowl

    More like The Joust of the Weebles – they wobble but they don’t fall down

  7. There is one question I’d like someone to ask him in the next debate:

    Governor Christie, when was the last time you saw your peter?

  8. I think it must be an old picture, Boobie TRD. He looked a lot slimmer at the debate. He’s still a blowhard, though.

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