Chris Cassone – Heads Will Roll

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  1. A great point (of several) made in this vid:

    Besides AFascist and BurnLootMurder, who else is good at destroying history and destroying statues?
    AFascist and BurnLootMurder probably don’t know communist history very well. The frontline revolutionaries are first against the wall when the revolution is over. They can’t be trusted.

  2. Great video.

    If anyone not aligned with ANTIFA does not recognize what they have in store for YOU if they get their way…

    The Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne would be a good place to start getting up to speed. Let there be no mistake, this is what they aspire to. It is the EXACT worldview they embrace. Conceding good intentions to them is a fool’s errand and playing right into their trap.

    These are wicked and evil people who worship a wicked and evil ideology. They are absolute filth.

    Anyone expressing any sympathy for them is complicit and to be condemned. What they are after is well documented in where it leads. The evidence is out there, anyone who is not aware is willfully ignorant, to concede good intentions to them is a damn fool.

  3. By the way that opening shot of the nuns on the scaffold is taken from a film about the Martyrs of Compiegne.

  4. Perfect video references. Taliban is the one that I particularly noticed as well, and of course generally the antifa and BLM are closest to the vengeful French revolutionaries.

  5. What Anqueefers, demtards, & idiots of every stripe & color fail to realize is, once the DECENT AMERICANS start taking back this country (i.e. – “open fire”), they’re NOT STOPPING, until every, last, ONE of them is DEAD.


  6. This will be the music I play on a loop when the PantyFa soy-boys storm my neighborhood. It will NOT end well for them as most of the people who live on my street are 2nd amendment loving american patriots. I have already met with them and told them when they hear this music playing it is our informal “call to arms” and while the rest of the streets around us are burning at least this street will be clear…..except for all the garbage laying in the street from the failed PantyFa rioting & looting that is.

  7. Great song kicks ass in it’s tone and that accompanying vid was very very well edited.

    Job well done Chris! I believe we grew up not too far from eachother if YOU are related to Cassone Bakery and in THAT bread??

    Posting from a hotel in Georgetown on the edge of The Swamp (per that vid)…this evening.

    That said?? Our first stop was the Marine Corps Memorial depicting the flag raising on Mount Suribachi.

    The sun was setting and it was very intense to look at the detail of this piece is INCREDIBLE, from the boot to the Garand rifle to the helmets to the knife sheath. The sculpltor was the Felix de Weldon done in 1954, with funds raised by the Marine Corps.

    It might be the most iconic sculpture based on the most iconic photograph of maybe the most iconic event of the 20th Century.

  8. Thanks to all of you, especially BFH who has been in my corner since ’09. I do this because I must. Not for the money. I have other songs and films where I do that. But when I met Andrew Breitbart backstage at the Washington Monument at the big rally on tax day, 2010, he said two pertinent things to me. One was in response to my worry for his safety as he used to wade into the crowd to respond to verbal antagonistic scum (remember there was an incident outside of CPAC that year.) As he looked directly into my eyes he said, “I despise bullies,” without flinching.
    Then he repeated his famous quote as he thanked me for performing. “Remember,” he intoned, “politics is downstream of culture.” That alone supercharged my dedication to use my best tools to counter this revolution: songwriting and video production.

    But, I have never been able to make the jump to the next level. All of them, our side’s talk show and TV hosts with their producers, only play music from outside our pool of creative artists, with a curious attraction to metal as their bumper music. Even Michael Savage has a love of Metallica. Rush and the Pretenders. Sean and new country. And of course POTUS with Neil Young and the Stones. The kicker is that (the new country being clearly all in) they all complain, pout and sue when their tunes are played (yet cash those royalty checks, I am sure.)

    Meanwhile, there are plenty of us hard rockin’ patriots waiting for even an email reply.

    We attended a summer Trump rally in the hot gym of Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport in the run-up to 2016’s election. Shoulder to shoulder, waiting for the excitement to begin, two hours of torture, with no crowd warm-up. He’s still using that formula. Just watch C-SPAN before he hits the stage.
    And I’d play for FREE.

    Anyone out there have an ear you could whisper into? You could play cowbell. It is impossible to breech the castle walls.

    Thank God I have Fur and Stacy McCain and a few other friendly bloggers to help.

    ps. thanks cslamer. GO GET THEM
    pps…yes Cassone Bakery in Port Chester NY reach me through the site


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