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Chris Christie Seems to Think He’s Still Relevant

Daily Wire

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suggested to an audience on Monday that he may enter the 2024 presidential race to torpedo former President Donald Trump.

Christie made the remarks while speaking at St. Anselmā€™s College in New Hampshire. Christie campaigned in New Hampshire more than any other GOP candidate in 2016 and was blown out there, leading him to suspend his campaign. More

17 Comments on Chris Christie Seems to Think He’s Still Relevant

  1. He’s gonna’ embarrass himself so much worse than last time!

  2. Do dogs get free doggie treats when they show their vaccination cards at the vet? Why not, lardass people get a free donut for showing proof of their COVID vaccination. Krispie “Kreme” Krispie has an absolute zero chance of ever becoming President. He’d rival President Taft in the girth department if he did. And no one wants a lardass President.

  3. Maybe we can bring back Rick Santorum for the Golden Oldies Tour.

    At least Christie admits he can’t win but if his goal is to deny Trump the nomination, his entry will bring about just the opposite. Clearly even he has to know that the more names in the hat the better chances Trump has in gaining a plurality, and ultimately the nomination.

  4. Seems to be a lot of beached whales making the news lately.


  6. His fat-ass walking hand in hand with obama, the fat bastard on the “closed” beach with his family, & that pick of him in a tight baseball uniform is all you would need to end his campaign.

  7. ONLY to New Joisey’s donut-based economy!

  8. That fat fuck convinced PDJT to hire Chris Wray as FBI head. That fat fuck also got Obama elected in his the scumbag’s second term.

  9. Sad. At one time he showed promise, then he drifted left. What a shame. Kersplush!

  10. If a team donut eating contest breaks out, I call dibs on Big CC. AND, I call shirts. With him on the team, we will most definitely not be skins.


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