Chris Cuomo Asks His Brother Andrew: ‘Are You Thinking About Running for President?’

( – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, interviewed by his brother Chris on CNN Monday night, had a one-word answer — “no” — when he was pressed on whether he might run for president, now or later.

“Let me ask you something,” Chris Cuomo told his brother. “With all of this adulation you’re getting for doing your job, are you thinking about running for president? Tell the audience.”

“No. No,” Andrew said.

“No, you won’t answer?” Chris asked the governor:

19 Comments on Chris Cuomo Asks His Brother Andrew: ‘Are You Thinking About Running for President?’

  1. Just the fact that they are talking about it speaks volumes!

    That and the fact thay democRATs lie like a rug!!

  2. In the states you call them “Guido’s”

    Up here we call them “Gino’s”

    The big cultural debate for these type of meatheads was:

    The “Stang” is quicker at the quarter mile BUT the “IROC” was better around the track. Which one do you get your father to buy you when you turn 16?


  3. Of course he’s not going to run for president. That’s him asking the Democrats for the nomination.

    But if the Democrats ask HIM, well……

  4. Cuomo is asking the Feds to take over the Convid-19 mess, because he has no idea what to do with it.

  5. He CAN’T “run”. Time for that is past.

    He CAN, however, be appointed by the DNC officials to replace Biden after Biden gets the nomination once Biden withdraws for health reasons.

  6. You want to talk about corruption? This guy is one sleazebag.
    I can say this as an upstate New Yorker….let him try. Trump could bury him.

  7. @janitor April 1, 2020 at 10:21 am

    He also can’t run, because it will make his niples REALLY sore.

  8. Coumo told conservatives to get out of New York.
    If you hate the Constitution of the United States
    he is your hoped for puppet master.

  9. Fredo: “do those nipple piercings get too hot when you are sunbathing?”

    Andrew: “bro, you wouldn’t believe how hot they get! Sometimes I have to put my latex Gimp suit on to cool down.”

  10. Fredo tested positive for Corona.
    He tested negative for brain activity but that’s normal for him.

  11. Fredo is pulling a “Brian Williams”, without losing a shot-down helicopter in the process…


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